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PRODUCT DETAILS Real Sword (RS) Type 56-2 AEG

Real Sword (RS) Type 56-2 AEG

Product Brand:

Real Sword (RS)

Product Code: R451
Weight: 4,400 g
Length: 0 mm
Capacity: rds
Power: 385 fps (1.36 Joules)
Motor: NA
Battery Size: 7.4v with Small Tamiya
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$457.20
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After WWII when the newly established Peoples Republic of China was a close friend to the Soviet Union, the Chinese Military in 1956 adopted two technologically advanced Soviet assault rifles. both carrying the same Type 56 designation, both chambered for the Soviet 73.62 x 39 rounds. One of which was the Semi-Auto Simonov SKS Carbine, and the other being the famous Kalashnikov AK-47. Bothe of these weapons were produced in large quantities and was used by the PLA, as well as being exported to various countries.

The original Type 56 was an almost exact copy of the Soviet AK-47, with a milled receiver. Only later did the Chinese change to using stamped receivers, though still under the same Type 56 designation. The only noticeable diffrences between the two were that the marking were in Chinese instead of in Russian, and the folding non-detachable bayonets.

A suitable battery is [GP552]

For more information, please do read our review of the RS Type 56 series.

The type 56-2 is just a variant of the Typ 56 with a Side-folding butt stock. In the mid 1980s Sri Lanka adopted the Type 56 to replace their old British L1A1 SLRs, and HK G3s. The Type 56 and its derivatives are currently still in use with the Sri Lanakan Military, with the Type 56-2 primarily used by their armored divisions crewmen.

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