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PRODUCT DETAILS Real Sword (RS) Type 56-1

Real Sword (RS) Type 56-1

Product Brand:

Real Sword (RS)

Product Code: R251
Weight: 3,400 g
Length: 874 mm
Capacity: 150 rds
Power: 295 fps
Motor: High Torque Flat
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$408.00

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The Type 56-1, as you may well know, is a Chinese copy of the AK47S, and this is the AEG version of it. Although, obviously, it doesn't chamber the 7.62mm round of the original, this airsoft version looks and feels just like the real thing, and there is a reason for that - many of the parts were actually made using the same manufacturing processes as the real Type 56-1. In fact, one of the most notable aspects of this AEG is that it bears the exact same dimensions as the real one. The 100% real frame size was possible thanks to a specially-developed 7mm bearing metal gearbox, which has also been equipped with a high strength gear set, air seal nozzle and spring lease device, for easy care and modification.

The origins of the parts mean that the whole gun retains an authentic feel and look. It benefits from having an all-steel construction which gives this gun the same sturdiness of the real one. The 259mm stamped steel frame is the same size too, and all the rivets and welding points correspond to what you will find on the Original 7.62mm 56-1. All this makes it great for those who appreciate a good replica. Look on the receiver, and you will note that each one comes with a unique serial number. Even the hand guard an grip were created using the same manufacturing process as real steel. For an AEG, it is pretty astounding to be able to keep the real dimensions, even the weight is virtually the same as the real one!

It comes with a 150rds steel magazine, magazine box, front and rear catch and reinforced board, which all have the same material and spot welding as the real steel. The surface finish comes lacquer-free also, so that the more you use it, it starts to take on a used look, giving it more characteristic. The performance is decent, with a manufacturers stated performance of 295fps, and there is an adjustable hop-up revealed when you pull back the charging handle. A 500rds hi-cap steel magazine from RS can be used also.

Length: 874mm (stock extended), 645mm (stock retracted).

A suitable battery is [GP552]

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