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WE EBR MK14 Mod 1 (GBB)

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Product Code: GUNT0406
Weight: 4,760 g
Length: 930 mm
Capacity: 25 rds
Power: 370 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$699.00

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Upgrading the M14 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) Mod 0, Sage created a variant known as Mod 1, with improvements such as increased accuracy, reduced recoil, and more adjustable features... well, of course these are regarding the real guns only, but for those who opt for authenticity, this M14 EBR Mod 1 would be the one you have been longing for.

Taking green gas as the power source means a better feeling of blowback, but of course since it is just taking 6mm BBs but not 7.62 ammunition, you won't face those horrible problems that the real M14 has been notorious for.

Like the old WE M14 EBR mod 0, the bolt slamming back and forth with each shot, giving a reassuring kick as the mechanism cycles to cock the hammer and load the next round into the chamber. The Recoil is helped by the fact that this gun's receiver is all metal, and that its sits in a metal kit, means that the sound of metal, on metal, in metal, is metallic, and fantastic.

The system adds more accessory rails than you probably know what to do with. Partial side rails and a full length top rail, the bottom also has a rail with is partial as is but the hand grip panel is removable if you want to forgo comfort to gain access to the full length lower rail for whatever reason. Like many other products from WE, the gun is a CNC aluminum body which goes some length in explaining both weight and cost, the quality being simply sublime and rocking more durability than a majority of bodies out there.

Unlike the Mod 0, this time the stock is not adjustable for length, nor is the cheek rest adjustable for height; but of course the length is adjustable since it has a crane stock. Like the Mod 0, this Ichiyon also has rear and front sling mount rings should you want to strap this beauty up to make transporting it a tad easier. The gun has built-in iron sights which are good enough, but you can always throw on an aftermarket scope of your own choosing (not included) as Ichiyon is begging for one anyway.

At about 4.8kg / 11lbs it is not too unmanageable but it is certainly heftier then most rifles on the field. At around 101cm / 40inches it is not small, folding down to around 93cm / 36 inches with stock collapsed to make transport a tad more compact affair.