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PRODUCT DETAILS Socom Gear Licensed NOVAK NEXT 1911 (Silver)

Socom Gear Licensed NOVAK NEXT 1911 (Silver)

Product Brand:

Socom Gear

Product Code: SOG-GBB-NVKX-SV
Weight: 942 g
Length: 240 mm
Capacity: 14 rds
Power: 300 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$142.00

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From SOCOM Gear, this all metal pistol is quite the charming piece. Silver color finish metal slide and frame, Novak slide markings, Novak ergo textured grip panels and Novak sight. Capable of taking Green / Top gas out of the box packing 14 rounds in its single stack magazine, it clocks in at a short range skirmishable 300 fps with enough range and accuracy to easily hit center mass shots out to 10m making it more then just a pretty face.

With a loop on the grips base and a removable thread adapter to take 14mm screw on accessories like silencers it?s a nifty package. Throw in that handsome zip nylon weave bag complete with internal Velcro strapping for pistol and short silencer (silencer not included), this is defiantly a choice pistol for the Airsoft operator.