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PRODUCT DETAILS Airsoft Surgeon LA RU M4 Tactical

Airsoft Surgeon LA RU M4 Tactical

Product Brand:

Airsoft Surgeon

Product Code: AS-GBBR-006
Weight: 3,735 g
Length: 810 mm
Capacity: 50 rds
Power: 0 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$2388.00

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With every part selected for synergistic union, tasteful aesthetics and likeness to the real-life counterpart, this masterpiece performance airsoft replica is only a replica by a thin margin.

Only the best quality of materials have gone into the creation of this rifle; 7075 aircraft grade aluminum for the upper and lower receivers and an abundance of steel parts lend to its realism and DuPont polymers used for the furniture detract naught from the build quality.

While the CNC machining process lends itself to accurate, precise cuts on the LA RU style receiver, many of the hand-built and custom-machined parts are held to similar precision standards as well. Parts such as the Airsoft Surgeon Stainless Steel Trigger that has been custom cut for a responsive, firm trigger-pull.

The barrel is also a custom part that the Airsoft Surgeon has turned on a lathe and milled lightening cuts by hand. It is made of steel and has been hand-polished for aesthetic durability. The barrel itself has been tastefully accessorized with a Noveske gas block, mimicking a gas-piston operated M4 SBR which would give reliability and ease of maintenance on a real firearm. Finally, the crown of the barrel is adorned with a LANTAC flash-hider and compensator, laser engraved with a Costa Trident to match the same that has been done upon the left side of the lower receiver.

The LA RU M4 Tactical doesn't stop there with external upgrades, as it is accessorized with an Aimpoint style red-dot on a stable, throw-lever mount to greatly reduce target acquisition time and reflexive aiming. Should your optic fail, there are KAC style back-up sights canted at 45 degrees to the right as a fail-safe aiming solution.

All-in-all, this custom piece of airsoft mastery is designed for the expert. Not a single aspect or detail of the replica has been overlooked. When it comes to custom aesthetics and performance, with a tactical balance between them, there is little that can surpass Airsoft Surgeon's creations.