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PRODUCT DETAILS Technikom Mock Vest 6B23 (No Kevlar / Hard Plate) - Flora

Technikom Mock Vest 6B23 (No Kevlar / Hard Plate) - Flora

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Product Code: TEM-6B23-F
Weight: 850 g
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Technikom is a Russia-based producer that have been supplying to Russian military forces for two decades, their products are Made in Russia, used by Russian forces, which means these items have been tested in field to prove they work and will stand up to the beatings of any kind.

This Technikom 6B23 vest is a training version of the original 6B23, manufactured by the original factory that produces the field version of the 6B23 for the Russian military forces. The 6B23 was developed for Russian infantries but this training version comes without the protection layers, instead it has foam inserts. It provides soft protection and is perfect to be used in military simulation games.

Size is adjustable through the velcro shoulder pads and the velcro waist pads, it also features a belt loop for fitting a belt to carry other acceories. The neck guard could be folded down and the groin guard can be folded back into the vest for storage.

Does not come with kevlar/ hard plate, but it does have foam inlay and accepts real 6B23 Kevlar/ Hard plate combinations

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.