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PRODUCT DETAILS PANTAC RAV Vest (Khaki / CORDURA/Medium) (Summer Sale)

PANTAC RAV Vest (Khaki / CORDURA/Medium) (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: VT-C701-TN-M
Weight: 2,000 g
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Unit Price: USD$166.40
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A sophisticated replica of RAV Vest. Built by high quality cordura nylon. With extra large velcro and zipper locks, it keeps hugging the body even in the most violent fighting. With a well-designed Quick Release system, the vest can be disassembled and released from the body very quickly in case of emergency. Just tug at the emergency release and the vest disintegrates and falls away from the body. This feature is most used when soldiers fall into water and need to prevent themselves from being weighed down.Made of CORDURA.

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