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PRODUCT DETAILS Milspex SF Chest Vest - MC (Clearance)

Milspex SF Chest Vest - MC (Clearance)

Product Brand: Milspex
Product Code: MSPX-SFC-MC
Weight: 800 g
Unit Price: USD$49.00
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Lightweight load bearing rigging with integrated pouches, these kinds of rigs do not offer as much coverage as full vests. Full torso vests offer a lot more MOLLE strap area and offer more protection; light rigs trade in coverage and protection for comfort and agility with far less weight and movement restriction.

The integrated pouches on this vest include:
- 3x double M16 STANAG magazine pouches.
- 2x Pistol Magazine pouches.
- 2x general purpose medium pouches with small side pouches.
Made of 1000D Cordura, the material is light weight but incredibly robust;