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PRODUCT DETAILS Milspex MPS Vest with Dummy Plate Inserts (Tan) (Super Holiday Sale)

Milspex MPS Vest with Dummy Plate Inserts (Tan) (Super Holiday Sale)

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Product Code: MSPX-VT-MPS-TN
Weight: 1,350 g
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Milspex, a brand synonymous with China economical tier products, brings us another addition to their already prolific line-up. Although not the best quality brand in the world, Milspex has become a forerunner in the China products market by utilizing cheaper materials and manufacturing techniques but adequate quality control resulting in a decent products line with real bang for the buck.

Made of durable Nylon weave, it may not be as hardcore as Codura or even high denier Nylon but it does well enough for the weekend plinker who simply does not do much more then run around, carry loadouts and occasionally go prone.

Festooned in MOLLE straps, this approach has become an industry standard benchmark for attachment options; being so universally compatible, this vest may not come with any pouches but it can easily accept the majority of available ones out there.

It can accept and indeed comes with SAPI plates in the front and rear as well as a side-wrapping cummerbund which attaches with Velcro; the cummerbund attaches in the rear via a Velcro flap that doubles as an admin pouch. The cummerbund can be removed as the vest is held on by a polymer clip-buckle on each side (leaving the rear flap on as a pouch or removed as you wish) as well ass the shoulder straps being secured by Velcro.

Wear the full rig as an all-round vest, remove the cummerbund for a simple plate carrier, remove the plates for added agility and less weight, more MOLLE then you can shake a stick at. All in all a good, decent vest option for the newbie starter, casual player or budget buyer.

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