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PRODUCT DETAILS Milspex Military Belt With Double Release Buckle (90-108cm / Tan) (Summer Sale)

Milspex Military Belt With Double Release Buckle (90-108cm / Tan) (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: MSPX-3802-TAN
Weight: 310 g
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Heavy duty nylon weave belt; not as thick as competition shooting belts but broader and just as load bearing (if not more so). The straps self-secure with Velcro and clip in place with polymer buckles. The double-release mechanism utilizes the usual side arms but an additional central button. This integrated redundancy greatly reduces the chance of accidental disconnection due to a graze, bump or even mild damage.

The belt is adjustable from 80 to 120 cm long (31.5 to 47 inches), 50mm (2 inches) wide and is available in two versions. The plain type includes button-bound loops for extra security where as the Military style has no such loops instead relying on just the Velcro and buckle for a sleeker setup.

The basic model is a heavy duty fabric belt where as the Military style is a dual-material bonded belt with a fabric outer bands over a rigid core (polymer). As such, the military model is designed to hold shape and bear much greater weight than the standard, more suitable for combining with a vest belt loops and such.

Both basic and Military versions are available in different colors.

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