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PRODUCT DETAILS Tanaka Mauser Kar98k (with byf stamp)

Tanaka Mauser Kar98k (with byf stamp)

Product Brand: Tanaka
Product Code: TNK-BYF-98K
Weight: 3,264 g
Length: 1,100 mm
Capacity: 10 rds
Power: 395 fps
Power Source: HFC134a / Duster
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Single
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Unit Price: USD$727.00

Out of Stock


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A relic of the WWII era, this gas action rifle from Tanaka Works sports a real wooden frame and mostly metal parts. Quality is extremely high and power is an amazing 1.7J with standard HFC134a making use of the same tried and tested technology as used in their M700 series rifles .

The M700 technology makes this weapon highly accurate and the adjustable metal front sight is a nice touch. The wood stock is extremely high quality with a nice rich color and refined grain, a real collectors item. This gun is highly recommended by RedWolf Airsoft. Get the leather strap too for the full outfit!

This particular version features the realistic touch of the byf production code stamp which implies the same production codes of the real steel 336,441 Mauser rifles made in 1941 at Mauser AG Oberndorf factory.