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PRODUCT DETAILS Z Tactical H-250 Phone for Kenwood Version

Z Tactical H-250 Phone for Kenwood Version

Product Brand:

Z Tactical

Product Code: Z117-K
Length: 190 mm
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Unit Price: USD$23.00

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Headsets are a great, practical solution for radio communications in the field but if you are looking to simulate a command or communications specialist position, looking to add your radio to a vehicle or simply want to create a different look then the military phone might be the tweak your looking for.

Radios do not just look cool, they play a pivotal role in not only relaying specific intelligence to your friendlies like enemy positions or coordinated actions but can also be used to passively or actively keep apprised on the general state of friendly and enemy locations, movements and intentions.

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This module is compatible with the Kenwood radio pin.

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