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Aimpoint CompM4s 2MOA / QRP2

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Product Code: AP-12172
Length: 135 mm
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When replica sights won't hold their zero, there's only one option. Go REAL! With a 2 minute of angle red dot and 15 levels of brightness adjustment, this is guaranteed to provide excellent target acquisition, engagement accuracy, and sight zero retention.

Many cheaper replica sights have weak springs and loose screws that make them vulnerable to sight zero shift after being exposed to strong recoil airsoft GBBs (such as the GHK G5) or gearbox vibrations, and this can be quite noticeable over the course of a day of skrimishing. One option that is guaranteed to hold it's zero is to use sights designed for use on real firearms, such as this authentic Aimpoint CompM4s 2MOA / QRP2.

The body is as durable as they come as it was designed for use in the harshest of global environments in real battle conditions. Included accessories such as a honeycomb kill-flash and rubber protective lens covers ensure you have an edge in combat.

Other features include; a riser on the rail mount to allow co-witnessing with back up sights or standard ironsights, and a thumb tightening screw with over-tightening protection, to stop you from damaging the sight mount or your rail.

It is recommended to install this ONLY onto piccatini specification rails, as weaver rails and off specification rails may result in a bad sight zero or even damage to the replica or mounting unit.

AA battery required and not included.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.