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PRODUCT DETAILS Airsoft Surgeon Pro Shooter Mount - Silver

Airsoft Surgeon Pro Shooter Mount - Silver

Product Brand: Airsoft Surgeon
Product Code: AS-SCOPE-10
Length: 120 mm
Unit Price: USD$56.00

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CNC machined out of a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum; this almost paper thin skeletal design is incredibly lightweight giving it incredibly low inertia when swinging around such that it won't add much noticeable mass to the weapon and yet is incredibly robust allowing it to take more then its fair share of hard knocks and even if it sustains damage it may chip or dent as a metal but it will not crack or snap like plastic.

Normally this style of mount requires drilling into the lower frame of your pistol and while this is a tried and true method of a dead-stable mount it is time consuming, fiddly and destructive modifying on your otherwise beautiful weapon. Most IPSC race guns do away with the slide lock, this innovative design takes advantage of that fact by mounting in such a fashion as to replace the slide lock catch.

Mounting this on to a Hi-Capa is as simple as removing your existing slide catch and installing the scope mount pin in its place, that's it. In the case of mounting on a 1911, the process is exactly the same except it includes the one further step of a securing screw on the other side.

Having installed this on a couple of race guns ourselves, we can personally attest that it mounts dead-stable and solid not unlike what you would expect from a normal drill on mount. Its as easy as dropping it in, totally skipping out the drilling process. With no drilling, you don't have to deface your frame either.

Now available in black and silver color.

Scope shown in picture for illustration only

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