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PRODUCT DETAILS OT Defense Firearms Stippling Kit(Clearance)

OT Defense Firearms Stippling Kit(Clearance)

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OT Defense

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If your firearms are tools, and not pretty things to sit in a safe, then you may want to consider investing in a stipple kit and getting some grip on your guns! Grip Tape is pretty and all, but put some water on it some time and see how grippy it is then. Stippling provides you with as much or as little grip as YOU need on YOUR gun. For example, a concealed carry pistol may have little to no texture on the body side, and aggressive texture on the other 3 sides of the pistol. A duty gun should have aggressive texture all the way around to ensure good grip whether or not your hand is covered in blood, water, snow, etc.

This Custom kit features a USA Made Wall Lenk 25 Watt Stippling gun that has a short shaft so you are close to your work,the OTD 20LPI Finish Tip OTD 20LPI Waffle tip, OTD Rectangle Tip, both large and small round tips, a chisel tip, a tool stand, and a hard case. The hard case seconds as a practice platform, as the plastic will hold most stipple patterns.*

This is a good starter kit for those new to stippling, as it provides a moderate temperature, and our most user friendly tips.

Legal Disclaimer:

This Stippling Kit must be used by a qualified gunsmith. If used incorrectly, injury, death, or property damage could occur. If not used correctly by a qualified gunsmith, Oregon Trail Defense LLC makes NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED regarding this kit. If not used by a qualified gunsmith the user releases and agrees to indemnify Oregon Trial Defense LLC from any claim of damages resulting from a malfunction, warranty violation, or property damage, and waives any claim for liability against Oregon Trail Defense LLC.

Common sense - take your time, practice on some old A2 grips, magazine floor plates, old clinton era 10 round Glock 17 mags (unless you live in a state that requires you keep them), some of the practice material we sell here etc. This will give you familiarity with the tool/tips, and enable you to recognize some important things (outlined below). Then and only then should you move on to your firearm. If in doubt, take it to an experienced gunsmith.

Time, heat, and pressure. This is what controls the process.

Time: More or less time is required for some materials then others.

Heat: More heat is more suitable for some materials then others. I recommend a 25watt woodburner for most users and most jobs. The burn just under 1000*F generally. A 40 watt unit would burn so much faster that it would require less time and pressure. Why not use a 40 watt then? Because it also makes it easier to mess things up. The tips are designed to increase productivity by covering more surface area rather then using and ultra hot tool.

Pressure: Pressure controls the flow of material as you melt it. Realize that is what you are doing, melting the gun's material, allowing it to take the shape of the tip you are using. Keep in mind different gun frames will 'melt' differently. Glocks are harder material then XD's, M&P's removable backstraps are super soft and require a gentle touch. Don't practice on a Pmag (one of the hardest things on the market) and then jump into your Glock and expect the same results while utilizing the same time/pressure.

Some important notes:
You are not to be sinking these tips in very deep. About 0.040" (thickness of 3 normal business cards) is generally the deepest you would go. Most time quite a bit less then that. Most colored gun frames will not retain the factory color, as the waffle tips will leave a small amount of material on the tip, resulting in your frame having a black tint to it in spots. You can mitigate this by keeping the tip VERY clean with a brass/copper wire brush, but do not expect it to come out the same FDE tan, green or gray that you started with.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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