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PRODUCT DETAILS Asura Dynamics - Russian Special Force Assault Shield (Dummy)

Asura Dynamics - Russian Special Force Assault Shield (Dummy)

Product Brand:

Asura Dynamics

Product Code: AD-AK-002
Length: 1,200 mm
Unit Price: USD$310.00




Material: Hard Foam Backed Fabric, Metal, Nylon
Size: 120x50cm
Weight: 5000 gram

There aren't many of these in the airsoft market. Asura Dynamics have released their Russian Special Force Assault Shield which is suited to CQB scenarios. Location of handles and belt elements is so arranged that the shield can be held suitably by either right or left hand. it allows you to hold a pistol or a small machine pistol of sorts.

High ergonomic parameters are provided due to application of a special belt suspension system that allows to redistribute weight from user arms to body. This is incredibly advantageous as a lot of the weight will be applied to the hips rather than the arms, and the free flowing lower section allows for you to step forward with easy without thinking that you're going to smack your shins against them.

There is a acrylic windowed section for you to look through as you hold your shield so you can stay behind cover, but airsoft rules are airsoft rules, you still have to poke your head out to shoot or else it's considered blind firing even though you have a window to look through.

PLEASE NOTE (Pre-Order) : Can take up to 28 working days to make if we don't already have one in stock.

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