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PRODUCT DETAILS KWC Rubber Grip (Blowout Sale)

KWC Rubber Grip (Blowout Sale)

Product Brand: KWC
Product Code: KW035
Length: 0 mm
Unit Price: USD$9.00
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Ever envied the owners of the P99 and other new-age pistols that sported ergonomic grips for more accurate and comfortable shooting? If you've read our article on how to grasp your pistol, then you will appreciate his slip-on pistol grip designed for guns that have not been blessed with the benefits of modern human-interface design. Constructed from flexible rubber, this grip provides a non-slip surface that makes shooting much more comfortable. Slip-on grips have been gaining popularity in world-wide police departments. Look the part with this slip-on grip. This grip sock is also great for keeping that laser pressure switch in place on your grip.

The grip sock is also perfect as a retainer for laser and light pressure switches.