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PRODUCT DETAILS AABB Koo Defense Pistol Carbine Kit For Marui 17 & KSC 17

AABB Koo Defense Pistol Carbine Kit For Marui 17 & KSC 17

Product Brand: AABB
Product Code: ABKOO
Length: 544 mm
Unit Price: USD$79.00

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The 2011 trend for pistol-to-carbine conversion kits continues with AABB releasing another model. Designed for the Marui and KSC Model 17 gas blowback pistol series, this minimal design accommodates your pistol by just sliding it in and clamping it down. This kit does not fit Model 18s.

The total weight of this kit is 690g but do not let that fool you; the main housing is durable but lightweight polymer with most of the weight of the kit found in the metal stock which in itself weighs 350g. This measure goes some way in pulling the balance of your pistol-carbine backwards jsut a touch, especially when using top-heavy optic add ons.

The stock side folds to the right, the kit adds four surfaces of rails and comes with a folding extendible folding vertical rail attach grip. The kit could be used to contain a barrel extension although the opening is large so an outer barrel extension would be needed to prevent skinny barrel syndrome. That said, the 30mm aperture of the muzzle opening could perhaps accommodate a silencer. Note the slight kink in the stock, unlike other models this carbine offers an offset stock making it easier to aim the pistol (as other kits use in-line stocks which help to absorb recoil but make aiming a little more awkward).

The metal stock can be removed to reduce weapon stability but cut the weight of the kit in half. The metal stock does come with a removable rubberized pad should you feel the need to increase grip and comfort. If you wanted to reduce the weight even further, the metal muzzle could also be removed to leave just the polymer kit which would save your another 100g at least.

The top rail sits in two segments both before and after the shell ejection port allowing you a much greater range of mounting positions to optimize optic focus distance. This model comes with little rings to which a sling could be attached. This model does add a block which mounts to the slide to add a charging handle (to the left or right) and while it does add some resistance to the cycling mechanism the system does not add too much weight and with a little smoothing and lubricating it runs with low resistance.

As it happens, running this weapon with high power gas might well benefit from a greater resistance anyway; modifying a GBB pistol to run at a hotter 300-350 FPS or higher would require a modified recoil spring but the added resistance from this kit would also help.