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PRODUCT DETAILS Systema Complete Mechabox (Gearbox) Turbo Set for G3-A3/SG-1 (Clearance)

Systema Complete Mechabox (Gearbox) Turbo Set for G3-A3/SG-1 (Clearance)

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This Mecha-Box and Motorset comprises of the latest and finest parts from Systema. Including the latest Systema motor, which is a breakthrough in motor design and sets a new standard benchmark for motor performance. The Mecha-box is a pillar of strength, with a really rigid structure, thanks to the innovative design of the casing.

The internals are to the usual high-quality standards that Systema set, with great attention to detail being paid to the mechanical parts. For example, they have increased the wall thickness of the part that comes in to contact with the tappet plate, which corrects twist or deflection and control jamming on driving with high speed. There are eight bearings that are selected and placed adequately as each usage, especially, the radial bearing for the gear brings out a performance of the specialty high accuracy gear as much as possible by strictly controlling the set measurement. Other nice touches are the installation of the Systema switch device (M100 spring built-in type), and the suppression of the gear noise.

Altogether, a fantastic package, which will bring unparralled performance to your upgraded AEG! Extreme rate of fire that can't be matched by any other gearbox or parts!

Please read our article for more information here.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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