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PRODUCT DETAILS WE M4 AEG RIS - BK (Katana System - M120 Red Cylinder)

WE M4 AEG RIS - BK (Katana System - M120 Red Cylinder)

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Product Code: WE-AEG0006
Weight: 3,200 g
Length: 802 mm
Capacity: 300 rds
Power: 360 fps
Motor: v2
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$310.00

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The new Katana system from WE is a proven concept built on a new platform allowing interchangeable cylinders to alter the power of your gun in seconds. While based on the colored cylinder design of the high performing Systema PTW, the WE Katana is actually a regular AEG with a cylinder change system that looks like the PTW. But the similarities end there. The WE Katana uses Marui compatible gears so you can still use existing after market Marui-compatible parts to upgrade it.

Changing the power cylinders is easy. Just remove the retainer pin and the upper receiver tilts upwards for easy change. Just pull out the old cylinder and slip in a new one. Different colored cylinders with different power levels are available separately (at the time of this writing, a blue M90 and a grey M130 are available separately). You can easily check what power level you have installed in your gun by simply looking into the ejection port. Two small holes allow you to see the color of the cylinder, while not glaringly announcing it to everyone around you! Adjustable hop-up can also be tuned from within the ejection port via a turn-knob. Lipo battery can be stored in the stock tube via a small type Tamiya battery connector.

The gun is made mainly out of metal apart from the Crane stock and a plastic high capacity magazine. Flash hider can be removed to install a suppressor via 14mm CCW threads.

It fires at 340 fps with the red cylinder and functions very smoothly. Great for traditional AEG lovers who want the ability to use the same gun on different fields that have different power limits!