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PRODUCT DETAILS Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon Challenge Kit TW5-A4 MAX (M150 Cylinder) (Free Shipping Deal)

Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon Challenge Kit TW5-A4 MAX (M150 Cylinder) (Free Shipping Deal)

Product Brand:


Product Code: TW5-CK-A4-MAX
Weight: 4,000 g
Length: 659 mm
Capacity: 40 rds
Power: 460 fps (1.94 Joules)
Motor: Exclusive TW5-specif
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Burst / Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$1100.00

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The Systema Training Weapons has the exact same dimensions of their real steel counterparts; they even weigh, and feel the same. The Systema PTW series are designed specifically for the police and military for non-lethal training purposes.

The new Pro Challenge Kit by Systema, gives you the fun (and frustration?) of constructing your own Systema PTW TW5-A4 kit. This kit is developed for the purpose to aid in your understanding how all the movements and structures of the Systema Training Weapon 5 works.

This TW5-A4 features a one-piece die-cut metal body that has been produced to realize unimaginable levels of strength and durability. Like the other guns in the Systema P.T.W. range, the TW5-A4 replicates the dimensions of the real steel equivalent; the main receiver has the same dimensions of the real one, thus parts used with the real steel, such as a scope mount, can be used with no hassles. Even with parts such as the grip frame, share the same dimensions as the real one. All this helps to make this a premier training tool of choice.

The control unit is adopted from the previous gearbox system, although has improved performance, able to endure a higher temperature generated thus making it even more reliable than before. The computer and the MOSFET unit also allows the TW5-A4 to operate in semi auto, 3-burst auto and full auto modes. Note that this is the first one on the Airsoft market with 3-burst mode! The motor utilizes a steel magnet case and an exclusive TW5-specific 480 type motor. The PTW5-A4 MAX will come standard with the M1500 Spring Cylinder Unit.

Like the previous M16 series, this TW5 maintains an interval dimension, between the outer and inner barrel of only �0.05mm; the outer barrel is produced using Systema's method of metal shaving. The inner barrel incorporates an internal diameter of 6.04mm.

Systema recommend using a 9.6v 2400mAh battery, the stock is plenty of room to store a large battery and the maximum sized battery that can be used is a 12v 2400mAh battery. Battery not included.

The MAX version shoots 460+fps and has had an array of improvements and modifications done to it, including:

1. Sector gear

  • Sector gear Hardening processing is added. Durability is improved.
  • Sector gear B Nitrating processing is added. Durability is improved.
  • 2. Spur gear

  • Nitrating processing is added to each gear. Durability is improved.
  • Moderating ratio is changed. Torque is improved.
  • 3. Bevel gear

  • The hardness of hardening processing is changed. Durability is improved.
  • 4. Adopt one flange-less bearing

  • It changes with larger spur gear's diameter

    5. Cylinder unit

  • It changes to M150 specification.
  • Battery and Assembly Tools Not Included

    For the in-depth product detail description, get the document in the following please.
    T.W. Technical Illustration 2009 Rev20090101.pdf (6MB)

    Disclaimer: This product is not manufactured by H&K and is manufactured by SYSTEMA of Japan. This product is a toy only and is not a real firearm.

    Please note that the battery is not included, we recommend using this two batteries:

  • Systema 9.6V2400mah for PTW MAX M16A2 / A3 (NI-CD) [NM16-AC007]
  • Sanyo 9.6v 2400mah Battery (NiCd) - Large Type [A-BATT007]
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