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Real Sword RS Type 97B

Product Brand:

Real Sword (RS)

Product Code: R092
Weight: 3,000 g
Length: 620 mm
Capacity: 130 rds
Power: 328 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$459.00

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The Chinese-made Type 97 is a variant of the Type 97 assault rifle, which broke the mould of Chinese-made assault rifles in that it wasn't based on the design of another gun (the Type 81 and Type 56 prior to that were based on the AK series). The Type 97B short assault rifle, a member of the type 97 5.56mm gun family, inherits all the advantages of 97 gun family. Compact size, the overall length of 97B assault rifle is 620mm.

RS continue their principle of creating authentic airsoft replicas of real-steel guns with this Type 97B. Their thorough research and development means that this is an ultra-realistic AEG. Just like their Type 56/Type56-1, it features an all-new specially-developed 7mm bearing metal gearbox so that the original dimensions could be retained. The gearbox has also been equipped with a high strength gear set, air seal nozzle and spring lease device, for easy care and modification. All the external parts you see are identical to the real-steel version, even the disassembly/assembly has been faithfully replicated! Field-stripping this gun is done by removing the two lock pins for a quick disassembly. The most distinguishing feature of this gun is the muzzle device, with trumpet-shape flash hider in the front part and thick cylinder design in the back part.

The RS 97B has perfectly reflected the developing concept of RS product as well. That is faithful to the original size, original techniques and original outlook design, truly experienced the battle feeling of type 97B short assault rifle in the game. Just like the real thing, the butt stock, upper and lower handguard are made of high strength polmer - special Nylon 66. The properties of this material make it durable yet lightweight, maintaining a rigid structure. It has a real-steel factory standard high strength duralmin forged frame, which has been CNC processed, hard coat anodized and is resistant to corrosion. What RS have done is quite admirable, and the research, development & manufacturing processes have been very concise in making a gun which is, in aesthetics, a perfect replica of the real-steel Type 97.

Please read our article about upgrading this AEG!

Got accuracy? Check out this video made by Real Sword, where the Type 97B is used to repeatedly nail 25.4 mm (1") coins from a distance of 10 meters (33 ft)!

Please note that the battery is not included, we recommend using this battery

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