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Magpul PTS RM4 CQB ERG - Black

Product Brand:

Magpul PTS

Product Code: PT610680307
Weight: 3,107 g
Length: 690 mm
Capacity: 60 rds
Power: 360 fps (1.19 Joules)
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$369.00

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This is PTS's second attempt on their own version of the M4 AEG which they've called the RM4 CQB. A shorter version of the RM4 Scout. They've taken a M4, stripped it of it's undergarments and then applied everything they own on it, which isn't a bad thing obviously because who doesn't like PTS?

It has a metal body with MOE fore grip, pistol grip and a collapsible stock with a 60 round PMAG.and a MBUS rear sight. The receiver itself has PTS engravings itself so this is a very much PTS. It's rather heavy weighing in at 3.1KG but that's what PTS was going for. They wan't the realistic weight but that's not the only thing they were trying to achieve.

There were Electric blow backs before but nothing like this. One is used to seeing the bolt fly open and closed but in this case, the whole RM4 rattles in your arms like it was having an electric shock, but that's the recoil system working and it's amazing firing this in full auto. You'd think the recoil would effect the accuracy? Well, it doesn't! Even in full auto, it's right on the money!

The Magazine has a special function as well. You can choose whether you want to fire 30 rounds for realism or 60 BBs. To do that, you'll need to press the bottom at the bottom, remove the cap, push the magazine out from the top and then flick the switch between 60 and 30.

PTS have started something new with the ERG, Electric Recoil Gun, and it's definitely something you'll want to add to your collection!