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PRODUCT DETAILS ARES Knights Armament Stoner LMG (Officially Licensed)

ARES Knights Armament Stoner LMG (Officially Licensed)

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Product Code: MG-006-K
Weight: 4,200 g
Length: 900 mm
Capacity: 1100 rds
Power: 350 fps
Motor: Ares
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$524.99

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(Latest version with Knight's Markings)

ARES makes a beautiful rendition of the LMG Light Machine Gun as made by Eugene Stoner in the early 80's to rival the FN in Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) trials.

Watch RedWolf TV's Adele as she shows off the ARES LMG. The design of the Stoner LMG pays homage to the legendary Stoner 63. Eugene Stoner's initial goal was to develop a light weight machine gun as a supplementary weapon for infantry soldiers to discharge greater volumes of continuous automatic fire than their usual standard firearms. The result was highly successful and proved that the LMG was a very controllable and reliable.

Full RIS rails up front allow you to install flashlights, lasers, or a sling mount as needed. The LMG doesn't come with built in sling mounts. The Ares LMG features a full metal body, complete with a 1100rds Cartridge Pouch, this is one of the few Squad Support Weapons / LMGs with Full Auto shooting functions. Spare magazines will be available in the future. The full metal buttstock is telescopic.

Unlike many of the other LMG equivalents on the market today, the Ares LMG features a real sized Pistol grip. The barrel can be detached very quickly and easily, ideal for barrel swaps between spray-and-pray setups and precision fire setups on the run.

Removing the barrel gives you access to the battery which is stored in the gas tube (7.4v LiPo battery recommended for best results and easiest fit). If you prefer a NiMH battery, a 8.4v or 9.6v battery will also fit. See the RELATED PRODUCTS section below to choose the battery you want. Auto-winding magazine is powered by the main battery, and the power line is concealed under the belt of 5.56mm dummy bullets. The magazine winds in synchrony when you pull the trigger.

The Ares LMG even features a completely new design reinforced full metal gearbox housing utilizing Ares' Easy Power Step Up System with 8mm ball bearings & oily steel bushings with a steel 7 teethed POM Hard Piston. The gear design is standard Marui and is compatible with after-market upgrade parts.

Deliverying 350fps of power using 0.2g BBs, this LMG gives you very usable range and power. Make sure you run it on a fully charged 7.4v LIPO or stick battery (with small Tamiya style battery connector) to generate a good rate of fire, and you've got yourself a terrific light weight support weapon! Note that ARES has intentionally (for aesthetic reasons) sighted the gun a little low so the BB's will actually fly a little higher than indicated by the stock iron sights. We recommend installing optics on the top rails for more accurate aiming.

RedWolf Airsoft is the proud worldwide exclusive distributor for the ARES LMG.

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