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PRODUCT DETAILS ARES M4 CQB with Metal Rail Nylon Fiber+ Al.Alloy Version - DE

ARES M4 CQB with Metal Rail Nylon Fiber+ Al.Alloy Version - DE

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Product Code: SC-AR-017
Weight: 2,322 g
Length: 690 mm
Capacity: 300 rds
Power: 400 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$165.99

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The M4 is probably one of the most common Rifles out there on the field whether it be an AEG or a GBBR. ARES haven't designed another style M4 in a while and now they've had to adapt as everything that's been out recently has been externally modified in some way and they've done a very good job with the M4 CQB AEG.

This is a CQB aeg so it's made for close quarter battles. The length from the top to the magazine is only 11 inches with quad rails of their own design. It comes with a stubby vertical grip which makes this M4 CQB easier to hold. There are flip up front and rear sights which you can keep or remove and replace them with something you want. At the back is a crane stock covering the tube which stores reveals tamiya wiring.

Pulling the trigger is very easy and very crisp though it sounds like any other AEG out there. It shoots at an average 380 fps. Knowing that in combination with the fact that it's so short, it's not the best for CQB but great for A close quarter range in an outdoor scenario!

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