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ARES M14 EBR-SS (Clearance)

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Product Code: AR-030
Weight: 4,150 g
Length: 1,120 mm
Capacity: 180 rds
Power: 380 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$550.00
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Styled after the American made M14, ARES produces a string of M14 variants with this model offering the full EBR body kit but a black polymer rifle style buttstock rather then the AR rifle pistol grip and stock as seen on other EBR M14s.

Functionally this is the same M14 as other ARES models; 380fps out of the box for decent skirmish power, 180 round midcap for a good capacity yet no winding. It lacks the ranged accuracy of top notch sniper rifles but it shoots pretty well by general standards and as a select fire weapon it makes up for it with sustained fire capability.

For those that prefer the feel of a full solid stock, the classic shape on this model is more comfortable. In particular, when prone, the angle of the full rifle stock grip will be more comfortable then most as the AR pistol grip is a bit to angular to some tastes.

Four surfaces of rails with a shot rail behind the ejection port on top to allow full two-ring attachment of long telescopic sights.

Overall, a nice battle rifle style skirmish AEG that synchs up with existing parts, magazines and accessories very well yet is not exactly the usual compared to most guns out there.

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