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  • Director 
     Dominic Sena
  • Actors 
     Joel Silver, Jonathan D Krane, Dan Cracchiolo, Jonathan Krane, Steve Richards
  • Year 
  • Notable Appearance 
     M249, Glock 17, Beretta 92F, MP5
  • Story 
  • Combat Scenes 
  • Weapon Variety 
  • High Factor 


Travolta going crazy with M249 In this futuristic technology spy movie, John Travolta plays Gabriel Shear, a man who is desperately trying to access information that is locked inside a complicated computer system that contains mountains of government secrets--and money. He hires Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman), a desperate computer expert, to help him hack into the system.

Minimi M249 Travolta strikes you as a menacing man who fears little - or one who believes he has the power to get things his way. One of the most exciting shootout scenes in the movie sees him reveal an M249 Minimi from the trunk of his roadster, and riddle an opponent's car into a honeycomb.

Swordfish is strictly style above content, with lots of "Bullet Time" special effects as seen in The Matrix. Travolta is treading in the same bad guy water as in Face/Off and Broken Arrow - seemingly always asking us during every scene "Ain't I cool?".

Heavily armed SWAT teams are no match With lots of fast cars and very attractive looking people, this movie is racy, dangerous, and hugely entertaining even if the plot is hugely improbable.

Gun scenes are not the focus of this movie but the action packed chase scenes are all but must-sees.

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