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Giena Tactics Combat Uniforms

In a time where the airsoft field is dominated with NATO country patters (namely Multicam), there has always been a desire for diversity in terms of combat uniforms to wear. No matter if you are an impressionist dead set on styling yourself after your favorite military force or a casual player looking to better hide yourself on the field, the theme has always been the same: How to better hide from the enemy.
Taking a look at something different this time we shift our eyes to a different part of the world, Russia. When you think of the Russians you think of the AK, a gun crafted solely on the basis of functionality. Functionality is something you will see as a central theme when it comes to items created by the Russian military and their camouflage patters are crafted with the same philosophy in mind.
With all this info in mind, we dive into Giena Tactics? Partizan SS combat uniform. The first thing you will notice in this particular cutting is that it is extremely familiar. If you look at how the cutting is on the shirt, where the knee pads are on the pants, and where you would put on your velcro patches, you will find everything exactly where it should be. However, is it?
Taking a closer look, you will see that the shirt itself is not a regular cloth fabric. The fabric you see here is a very breathable jersey like material that is light weight and very form fitting. It definitely keeps you cool during warmer or hot outdoor games and its breathable so its minimizes smell after a long sweaty day. The sleeves are high quality durable material you expect to see on other combat shirts that is rip resistant but yet it feels pretty comfortable, even wearing it fresh out of the packaging. One small detail that you will find on this shirt is a large camo pattern patch that covers the velcro section where your patches usually go. This is there to keep your velcro clean and free of debris when you are not using any patches as well as proving full cover camo on your sleeves.
Moving to the pants. You will find that it falls in line with many other brands out there. What separates this pair you may ask? The fitting. This pair of pants feel very comfortable around the waist and they hold a good shape. The material used is the same as what you find on the sleeves which is again both durable yet comfortable. There is also a length adjustment strap inside where you can adjust where the knee pad sits. Many other pairs of combat pants feature this strap as well but it is worth noting that this strap is quite tight and holds its place quite well compared to some other brands I have wore before. The belt loops are large and fit an array of belts like my personal V-Tac rigger?s belt. Finally we come to the velcro straps that keep your pants tight on both your knee and where your foot is. These straps are very standard like all others and just work.
While this combat uniform is very well made, there are a few issues that stand out as well, after all, nothing is perfect, starting with the shirt. The jersey like material while being a great positive aspect to the shirt, it can also be one of its drawbacks. First, don?t expect this shirt to keep you ?warm?. It was designed to be breathable and its well vented so if you play in cooler climates or your country gets rather cold, this may not be your choice. Second issue with the shirt is that once it does get wet from sweat or whatever else, it does become rather sticky and difficult to take off. Finally, the material is very susceptible to fraying if it catches on velcro or other things while you are out playing on the field.
The pants are over all well made. For me to find some small issues with it would be nitpicking, however I do have to say that the velcro around the back of the knee can be quite stiff and takes quite some time to break in so you can bend your knee with some ease.
It is worth nothing that Giena Tactics also supplies to some of the Special Forces within Russia and they definitely makes good, high quality products for a fair price . We as airsofters are always looking for products that are not only functional but unique which can be at times different from the real world. No matter whither it be in terms of their wide variety of camo patterns or quality, Giena Tactics has you covered if you are looking to change things up and want to give the Russian stylings a chance. For existing Russian military enthusiast, here?s a chance to have easier access to a wide array of combat uniforms and other casual items such as shorts, hats, and patches that might other wise be difficult to get a hold of and in patterns unique to the Russian forces.
All in all, I would say give Giena Tactics a try. It just might change your mind about Russian gear.