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If you have been following our charismatic presenter's facebook then you'll be familiar with his SMG of choice, the KSC System 7 GBB M11A1. You will also be aware that the SMG has gone through several iterations over its life, such as the installation of the Maruzen M11 Quad Rail System, and a modified magazine release.

What should be news to many of you though, is that it's near to attaining its final form!

Presenting the TiM11A1; a CQB beast of an SMG with an array of modifications and accessories to make it not only aesthetically appealing (taste dependant) but a highly efficient, highly maneuverable, extremely adaptable force to reckon with.

We'll begin with a parts list. The obvious first is the Maruzen M11 Quad Rail kit that has been clammed onto the front of the body. Secondly a G&P M11 Aluminum Silencer was attached onto the muzzle. Upon the top rail sits a King Arms Multi Reticule Red/Green Dot Sight. A Night Evolution M300B Mini Scout Light sits on the right rail of the Maruzen RIS. An AK-Style Folding grip is mounted backwards on the bottom rail. Finally, a minor touch that greatly improves the operation of the SMG, a MP5 magazine release catch has been jury-rigged onto the existing magazine release.
The Maruzen M11 RIS is essential for a M11 to have any sense of customizability at all, as the stock KSC System 7 GBB M11A1 features only a proprietary threading on the muzzle and a strap mount as accessorizing options. This, however, does not come without its own problems. Since the Maruzen M11 RIS was designed to fit M11s from the full range of brands that offer the model, the fit can be slightly off depending on which brand of airsoft M11 you own. In Redwolf Tim's case, the RIS required minimal filing to fit, but some epoxy adhesive was needed to cease some wobble. There is a second issue with the rails, but we'll get to that later.

Some might argue that the addition of a G&P M11 Aluminum Silencer is more of an aesthetic modification than a practical one. In many ways this statement is correct. Although there is some truth to the suppressor namesake that it changes the muzzle report of the gun to a slightly more muffled sound, let's not fool ourselves, the suppressor is there because it just looks damn cool. In addition to this, it provides concealment for any extended inner barrel Redwolf Tim might want to install on the TiM11A1 in the future.

The Multi Reticule Red/Green Dot Sight that sits atop the TiM11A1 is there to make target acquisition quick and easy. Usually this comes at the cost of the enemy being able to see the dot's light when aimed directly at him, but with a simple modification to the lens cover you can still aim normally with both eyes open. Not to mention it simultaneously blocks the revealing light and protects the lens.
CQB sites are often indoors and lack excessive lighting. This gave Redwolf Tim the opportunity to make use of a combat flashlight, and the Night Evolution M300B was the perfect choice. With compact, light and rugged construction, rated at 230 lumens it's enough to dazzle anybody who's adjusted to low light environments, giving Tim the jump on any enemies trying to land an accurate shot on him. The included pressure switch routed between the rail grooves and under the dot sight makes thumb activation quick and responsive.

One of the less intuitive but just as effective choice of accessory was the AK style folding grip. Most are familiar with such an accessory which can deploy to a vertical grip position, fold completely away, or be positioned at a canted 45 degrees. By cunningly mounting it backwards, it extends the front point of contact of the left hand's grip further forward. This enhanced leverage improves stability when firing and aids in maneuvering the TiM11A1. Folding the grip 45* gives a cool look and a grip position reminiscent of a stock M11A1 accessorized with a grip-strap. Attaching this accessory required some filing of the rail groove as the Maruzen's M11 RIS kit's rails are slightly off-spec.

The final and possibly coolest of the modifications is the cut-down mp5 magazine release that has been appended to the existing magazine release latch. The extra surface at 90 degrees to the original movement allows the reloading hand to release the magazine more easily when the firing hand is still on the pistol grip. While subtle, this cuts down reload times and ensures that Redwolf Tim's downtime in combat stays at a minimum.

The multitude of modifications and accessories put into this KSC M11A1 has resulted in the creation of a GBB SMG masterpiece. It's the pinnacle of any attempt at mastering the CQB combat environment; it just doesn't get any better that this. The laws of nature can barely contain such power and in the natural selection of close quarter gunfights, none can dethrone the king of the field. 100% cool! 200% efficiency! 300% length! The TiM11A1; none shall surpass, all shall submit.