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RWL Magpul x JP Rifles M4
  • Manufacturer 
     Magpul, JP, G&P
  • Model 
     RWL M4
  • Capacity 
  • Weight 
  • Power 
  • Motor 
     G&P M120
  • Hop-up 
  • Battery 
  • Shooting Mode 
     Semi | Full auto
  • Construction 
     Aluminium, Steel, Plastic


  • Everything on the receiver is Magpul licensed
  • Unique, stamped serial number on the receiver
  • Lightweight and robust due to aluminum construction
  • Patented intelligent barrel mounting system
  • Flared magwell
  • Full length, uninterrupted top rail
  • CNC barrel set with unique JP rifles flash hider


  • Only 100 in production
  • Not available in Tan/DE as stock
  • Cannot house a large battery
  • Can be time consuming for those unfamiliar with the construction of the intelligent barrel mount
  • Uses all branded and premium parts so it's not a cheap AEG


    It is a very user friendly platform featuring all the familiar features on a common Armalite whilst having all the improvements made to it. Unique style and feel to this rifle and provides accurate shots down range.

    Smooth gearbox and upgrade capabilities within the gearbox allows room for future upgrades or customization. Definitely what you should look into if you are looking for a high end AEG.



    Previously, the Noveske RWL was sold out in such a short period of time and with the feedbacks from that batch of RWL rifles, we introduce to you the second lineup of RWL rifles, this time: the Magpul x JP rifle. This Redwolf Licensed AEG is fully licensed by the respectful companies, housing a stunning combination of Magpul and JP Rifles parts!

    The RWL Magpul JP Rifles M4 features a Magpul PTS Billet receiver set, Magpul PTS MOE grip and CTR stock, an Magpul PTS MBUS sight, and a Magpul 120rds PMag. A complete set of a JP Rifles Mid-Size 9.8inch Handguard w/ 1 Barrel Length. These RWL rifles are really designed to go all the way when it comes to using premium parts.

    Internals of the RWL Magpul x JP Rifles M4 includes a Full set G&P 8mm Gearbox with barrel capable of producing up to 320fps, and a G&P M16 Metal Hop-up Unit. Sure, it is only firing at 320fps, but this combination is designed for smoothness with efficiency in mind. So if you were to put a more powerful spring behind that piston, it will still manage to cycle the piston due to the G&P M120 motor giving all that power behind those gears.

    Initial impressions.

    This RWL rifle comes in a distinctive setting, using solely Magpul parts on the receiver and stock and JP Rifle system's front end and outer barrel, it already stands out to be something different. With the uninterrupted top picatinny rail running the full length from the receiver top to the front sight of the rifle, this also adds a nice touch to the workmanship on this combination.

    This AEG has the following parts fitted:

  • Magpul PTS MOE Grip (Black).
  • Magpul PTS CTR Stock (Black).
  • Magpul PTS Airsoft Receiver Set.
  • Magpul 120rds PMag for Marui M4 / M16.
  • Magpul PTS MBUS.
  • Madbull JP Rifles Mid-Size 9.8inch Handguard w/ 1 Barrel Length for Marui M4 series.
  • G&P Steel Front Sight for M16A2.
  • G&P 8mm Gearbox Full Set (320 FPS).
  • G&P M16 Metal Hop-Up unit for Marui M4 Series.
  • G&P 6 Position Stock tube.
  • G&P M120 motor
  • The 8mm gearbox also includes the following on top of the standard parts:

  • 8mm Bearing.
  • Metal Cylinder Head.
  • Metal Nozzle.
  • Metal Spring Guide.
  • Polyacetal High Pressure Piston.
  • Steel Gears.
  • Polycarbonate tappet plate.
  • High Flux Electronic wire & switch.

  • The Magpul parts installed definitely deserves a special attention since the receiver has stamped trademarks on both sides of the magwell area, PTS markings on the MBUS sights, MOE markings on the grip as well as CTR markings on the stock. All the markings, textures and quality that is expected from Magpul are on this RWL rifle. Furthermore, with the JP Rifle systems' front end kit continues to provide this smooth feel and look all the way down the gun. It also features two additional RIS rails on the left and right side for you to mount your accessories on. PEQ, Lasers, Tac-lights, whatever you want. You've already got a limited edition AEG, why hold back to customize it more to your own preferred configuration?

    On to the gun itself.

    If you're looking for an Armalite rifle with a difference but want to look like you mean business, this RWL sure is a starting point. With the recent Magpul training videos and various other organizations that provided these type of tutorial videos and training, one can only sense that these style of rifles and configurations have a much deeper meaning than just to look different or cool. From having the MOE pistol grip that is comfortable to hold with and without gloves, the integrated trigger guard that allows the use of thicker gloves when operating, the lightweight, sturdy and practical CTS stock. This already adds enough custom and high end elements on the receiver side already. To add to this beautiful concoction of parts, the JP rifle system's front set is not to be underestimated either! From their long track record of making rifles and rifle parts, their rifles being renowned in IPSC, USPSA and tactical/military shooting competitions, their quality, durability and reliability speaks for itself! The handguard adaptor also features a patented design by JP Rifles where they have redesigned the delta ring assembly into something much sturdier and so rigid it can afford to take more abuse than ever!

    Incorporating the steel barrel along with the sturdy aluminium front set and receiver from Magpul and JP Rifles, not only does this scream quality and high end to you but looking at the internal parts list above, the performance will not be shy either. Having this RWL rifle configured in this setting with a rear MBUS sight, an uninterrupted top rail along the top of the gun, this allows the user to use any optics they wish and easily co-witness their scope's aim in a short moment by disengaging the lock on the MBUS to allow them to double check their scope's zero or in the unlikely case the optic has failed on you, the MBUS is here to deliver. The magwell also has been flared and slightly enlarged without sacrificing the profile of the gun for that easier reload.

    The finish of this gun is also something worth extra attention to. The trademarks and logos seen around the gun, the matte black finish across the whole gun, this really has to be seen with your own eyes to appreciate this RWL rifle, these pictures do not do this rifle any justice. With fully licensed Magpul markings as well as a unique stamped serial number on the right side of the receiver, you're sure to get a totally unique rifle if you're one of the lucky 100 to have your hands on one of these.


    The RWL Magpul x JP Rifles M4, chronos out of the box at 320fps but with the steel gears, M120 motor and the G&P metal hopup unit working together, using a higher powered spring will not affect its air seal at all and this setup has been tested to withstand a PDI 170% spring without any troubles. For the remainder of this review, everything will be tested under its stock setup where it fires at 320fps using KSC .20g BBs. With this setup intended to use the short stick type lipo battery, this allows the AEG to keep its weight down and with the weight distribution balanced the way it should be without sacrificing performance. Using a lipo battery with a higher rating or discharge rate (11.1v or 15/20C) may restrict your stock from being retracted fully but the rate of fire will be increased substantially.

    Thanks to its 8mm gearbox design with bearing bushings, even at stock setup, it cannot be emphasized enough that the gearbox runs smooth and we all know smoothness means efficiency and speed when it comes to gearboxes. So not only are you getting a great looker in an AEG, a smooth performing gearbox also allows you to get your money's worth even on your battery's charge!

    A grouping test has also been done on this rifle using KSC perfect .20g ammo at 20metres, prone and using a gun rest. The groupings were taken twice with 10shots each session, one in semi-automatic and the second with it firing in full auto just to see the difference in muzzle control. Little as it may be seeing this is an AEG but this has been compared with a TM M4 firing at 315fps using the same length barrel, purely to compare the accuracy differences between the two guns.

    Single shot groupings from the RWL
    Auto groupings on the RWL
    Auto groupings on the TM M4


    The RWL Magpul x JP Rifles M4, offers a very user friendly platform featuring all the familiar features on a common Armalite whilst having all the improvements made to it . Using fully licensed and premium Magpul and JP rifle systems' parts for the external components, this gun offers a really unique, special yet practical rifle to skirmish with as well as providing the user the ability to replicate any civcon style PSD loadout. The internals are all from G&P so that the parts are all dependable as well as having the upgrade/aftermarket parts being compatible with this AEG as well. Even though the RWL Magpul x JP Rifles M4 does not come already configured in high speed or high power or range setup, the upgrading potential for this RWL is endless considering pretty much anything on this AEG can be customized.

    That is of course, you are looking to have something more than what it already delivers. With its current performance level, looks and durability, it already hits above the average skirmishing standards in terms of how it will hold up in its own class. Obviously, firing at 320fps out of the box you'll be silly to take this to a higher powered game and expect to have the upper hand even with the 1½ inch grouping this is able to produce at 20 meters. So if you're looking to have a beautiful AEG, smooth and durable gearbox as well as room for future customization as well as the functionality, the RWL Magpul x JP Rifles M4 is definitely one of the rifles you should look at to see if this is just the gun for you.