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IASUS NT3 Black Ops 2 Throat Mic
Note: square magnetic fastener strap
It's high quality silicone strap
The transponder, IASUS recommends you not to exert any pressure on its surface.
In-line PTT that comes with the Kenwood style splitter. Satellite/remote PTT can be used in conjunction with the splitter, note: the plug below the IASUS logo
The complete IASUS Black Ops 2 Comms rig.
Note: under high tensions, the silicone neck band is still sturdy enough to hold.
Tensions high enough so that it will no longer be comfortable to wear the throat mic.
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Top Tech's Pneumatic Blowback MP5A5
Following up from the Sniper Pro throat mic sets, IASUS concepts have released this new NT3 version, the Black Ops 2 throat mic system. Still using the transponder technology IASUS have taken in feedbacks from the previous models, renovating from the ground up and thus creating this NT3 system into a lighter, better performing and easier to use piece of equipment.

Initial impressions:
So it comes in a plain brown box just like most AEGs or GBBs would these days, it does however make itself distinctive by its labeling. It features a posh adhesive label for the throat mic, the sort of posh adhesive label you would expect your sports car brochures to come with. The type that just sticks on something and stays there and not easily weathered away. Upon opening the box, you will notice your Black Ops2 headset sitting comfortably in a purpose built display case, OK, I do confess. It's just a shaped foam slot to protect the item during transit and to keep the throat mic in its intended shape during storage but it does look good for presentation as you open the box. As you take it out of its box, the strap will probably attract some attention because of its quick detach features. The Black Ops2 uses a square magnet clipping onto a metal plate with a square recess, completely erasing the problems other alternatives have had with clips or adjustable buckles or uncomfortable Velcro straps. Furthermore, the weight of the Black Ops2 only weighs 44grammes! With less than 50g worth of plastic and metal around your neck, you might need to use a transceiver with fm radio functions to remind you that you're still wearing this neck band. What makes this different to the other designs is that it's 99% black, reducing the visibility of the neck band. This includes the acoustic coil and the ear piece which are also black. What can be covered with black is pretty much in black, although the silicone strap could have been in black to make this system completely black but it is only a minor factor.

For this performance test, we used a set of IASUS NT3 Black Ops2 set, 2 IASUS 4W UHF radios and a NT3/GP3 adaptor for Kenwood style plugs.

Although the neckband took a while to adjust to make sure you weren't choking yourself or so loose you looked like your neck was probably made of heat shrink tubing, remember this sort of equipment are very personal as they are not designed for a standardized use which is what the Bowmans or the Liberator headsets are for. Once the adjustments were made, the neckband sat very comfortable around the neck with a slight pressure from the metallic transponders pushing in towards your neck. One concern at first with regards to the acoustic tubing was that it would be at the wrong length to coil round the back of your ear. IASUS have given a connective tube for you to solve this problem. Cut off the excess coil and connect the two bits of tube together and now you've got this at the perfect length, GENIUS! Surprising not every head set you get for radios that include an acoustic coil come with this, it is so simple yet so effective.

Speech test

The purpose of this test is to show the clarity of the neckband, its adaptors and the radio. Considering it is all the same brand and is on its recommended items list, we expected it to work pretty well.

Firstly, we tested the transmission at the storage hall where the air ventilation units will create some sort of ambient noise compared to the relatively quiet office where the receiving transceiver will be awaiting the signal. With IASUS products living up to its name, the NT3 (Noise Terminator) has completely eliminated all of the ambient noise of the air conditioning units, air ventilation fans etc and at the mean time, transmitted the test message through without any problems at all.

We managed to convince one of the office clerks to wear this under his shirt and tie and walk to the local sandwich store to get the lunch specials for the rest of the department. To our surprise the clarity of the throat mic had given the message back to the office with the exact amount that everybody is supposed to pay, so clear that it was as if the cashier was telling you that right in front of you.

Pretty convinced the NT3 lives up to its name on its noise cancelling properties, we've decided to do a more airsoft related test. Recently in stock, we had the Ares Scar H and we will fire short bursts on full auto whilst reading the 'about us' section on our webpage to see if there were any distortions or interference. Thinking the motor's electromagnetic interference will affect the quality of the transmission, we were wrong. The effects were so little it's not worth mentioning as a flaw as the words were loud and clear with just a mild buzz coming through in the background as the shots were fired, but that may be the physical vibration of the stock to the neck strap itself. Which proves the silicone strap has sound reducing properties in this combination!

So now we question the adaptability of this system, it isn't something you would casually buy off the shelves because of its price. So can it be used for all different sorts of loadouts? The Black Ops2 kit comes with two different types of PTT switches already, one is a huge rounded button that can be clipped onto your molle webbing and the other is a remote finger PTT that comes with a complimentary finger sleeve to house the finger PTT, allowing you to orientate the position of your remote finger PTT to any way we want. The wire from the remote finger PTT can easily be hidden inside the sleeve of your shirt and into the inner pocket of your jacket if you were to give the covert agent impression during your skirmishes, the ability to hide the wire is not only for the covert look, it also keeps the wire safe from snagging onto your weapons, trees/bushes or anything else that the wire may catch on to during your skirmish day.


The IASUS Black Ops2 is in fact, a well designed product that delivers what it claims to be in its capability. This proves to be very useful for an airsofter's equipment list as well as various other sectors such as security work, bar work, motorcyclists or even construction site workers where ambient noise will be an issue to use any communication equipment effectively. The changes IASUS have made on the Black Ops2 compared to the original Black Ops have been small but many, it has completely changed the outlook of the product and a bigger change on the performance.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of investing in a hands free system for your radio communication needs and don't mind something strapped around your neck for the duration of use, get this, now! It's worth every penny you pay for this and it is so adaptable so you can use it for a large variety of situations and offers you such clarity and allows you to transmit your messages with minimal ambient noise, is this IASUS' answer to being able to buying an intangible item? Put an end to having to repeat your messages, eliminate the chances of miscommunication, who would have thought you can actually buy convenience? get this now!