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MAKING OF: RWC 1911 M.E.U. Pistol CNC Metal Version
  • Manufacturer 
     RedWolf Custom Guns
  • Model 
     1911 M.E.U. Pistol
  • Capacity 
     28 rds
  • Weight 
     960 g
  • Power 
     310 fps
  • Power Source 
     HFC134a, Green Gas
  • Blowback 
  • Hop-up 
  • Shooting Mode 
  • Construction 
     CNC-machined aluminum frame, slide & outer barrel


-Realistic feel and weight
-Immense accuracy and good power
-Good blowback with economic gas mileage


-Umm... Price?


A full metal pistol with CNC-machined


As we predicted in our comparison review featuring the Tokyo Marui M.E.U Pistol, there would be metal kits for that model. Well, certain metal kits made for the regular 1911 could be used as well, but now we have a specific M.E.U-kit from PGC with full trademarks and detail. Time to build another RedWolf Custom gun in the CNC-fashion!

The PGC kit includes quite a bit of parts and most of the Tokyo Marui parts are completely usable. (The only thing we could fault with the Tokyo Marui was that the frame, slide and outer barrel were plastic and lacked proper markings...) In addition we decided to use the PDI Winter type piston head, which has altered dimensions to provide a longer blowback stroke. It is useful not only in cold weather, but specially with metal slides as well.

Here we go! The original Tokyo Marui M.E.U. Pistol about to get a facelift from PGC and PDI in the careful hands of a gunsmith.
The rear sight does in fact go in place without snapping things off, when you solve the puzzle. Here's the angle of insertion.
The grip screw bushings are inserted from the inside and secured with superglue.

As usual with PGC, the parts that are supposed to fit directly do exactly that. The amount of unnecessary fitting with this kit was a round zero. The mag catch, grip panels, magazine, beavertail grip safety, safety levers and other parts fit together like they are supposed to, and for the most parts the process is just reassembly with a different part after disassembly.

When you finally fit the outer barrel assembly, slide assembly and frame assembly together, the fit will be initially tight, and some delicate filing and honing is required as the finishing touch where necessary. After this is done with patience and skill, the result is almost no play between the parts, but a butter-smooth slide action when you rack and shoot the pistol.

Going from left to right, a whole bunch of parts are waiting to be installed into a higher end frame.
As usual with our custom 1911/2011 models, the hammer can be decocked. We don't understand why the nub was molded on the hammer in the first place!
The leaf spring is filed to 13.7mm width to fit into the back of the grip.

The fin below the chamber was filed to allow the rear of the outer barrel to tilt down earlier, and the rear plate behind the blowback chamber was stronly modified (see picture) to allow the hammer to push the valve knocker fully. Without the latter modification, the valve lock would not engage the valve knocker, and blowback was very short as a result. Other than this and the instructed modification of the leaf spring, no further work on the material was required.

So how does it shoot? Thanks to the tight fit between the parts, the accuracy remained at the same excellent level as originally - which does not always go without saying when you install aftermarket metal parts. The tight fit together with the well-sealing PDI piston head improved gas seal between the magazine and loading nozzle, and the velocity was bumped up to 310 fps average as a result. The first peak shot was 316 fps, and after that were consistent between 312 fps and 308 fps. Green gas and 0.2 gram BBs were used at room temperature.

We include both a stiffer PGC spring as well as the original recoil spring with the pistol, so you can tune the pistol to your preference and the environment. The stronger one will appeal to those who want some resistance when racking the slide and a snappy return, while the original one allows you to shoot the full amount (28) of BBs and still lock back after the final round!

Initially the slide would move back too quickly, and the valve lock would not engage. Modifying the rear plate like this made the blowback powerful again.
Ready to gas up and shoot, the RedWolf Custom 1911 M.E.U. Pistol is a work of art. You can only see different markings in the photo, but it feels and shoots completely different.

In the review of the Tokyo Marui M.E.U. Pistol, we could only fault it for the plastic parts that made the pistol lightweight, and lack of markings. With the PGC metal kit, PDI Winter piston head and a skilled installation job, we dare to say it is Perfect! The pistol is available as a completed model under RedWolf Custom Guns, or you can purchase the parts separately to test your skills as a gunsmith!

The PGC MEU kit and the RWC 1911 M.E.U. Pistol will be available for pre-order soon. Please check our home page regularly!