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M72A2 sneak peek!
The box is a rather stylish design, and durable enough to withstand regular use.
Turn to unlock, pull, turn further to lock out.
Any standard 40 mm shells can be used to adjust the effect!
A soft ball inserted as payload. The 40 mm shell should be loaded with gas only in this case.
The red arrows point at the unlocking latches. The large one on top for changing the shell, and the smaller ones (2) for inserting the soft ball. The blue one unlocks the rear tube. It is not normally necessary.
Correct alignment of the mechanism is mandatory for the M72 to fire!
The correct way to carry an M72. You can easily carry even two or three tubes simultaneously!
Grab the rear sight cover.
Notice how the direction of the safety pin was set beforehand to allow quick removal.
Extend the tube.
Disengage the safety. Notice the rubber band we rigged to keep the safety pin from getting lost. A proper thread will be applied to the production version.
Ready to fire.
The magic button which allows you to collapse the tubes.
Fold the front sight first...
... and then the rear sight.


The amount of tanks in the battle fields was quite low before the second world war, but during that big fight tanks evolved rapidly, creating a necessity for improved anti-tank weaponry as well. Among the first portable anti-tank weapons, the German Panzerfaust is perhaps the most famous. It utilized a shaped charge to punch through the thickest armoured vehicles of that time. As the new standards were set, developing portable weapons for taking out tanks continued after the war was over.

The M72 LAW became the primary portable anti-tank weapon of the US Army after the Korean war. Today the amount of produced variants is ten (not including foreign adaptations), with various purposes such as for firing from enclosed spaces, or higher blast or frag effect. Despite of its age, the weapon is far from outdated in modern warfare. The capability of penetrating 30 cm of steel may not be enough against the front face of a modern tank, but it has a lot of other useful purposes.

In the Airsoft fields maybe the more competitive players have never seen the virtue of extra weight without a four-figure motor driven box magazine attached to it, but in certain re-enactment and MilSim groups there have been requests for a good replica of the M72 with at least some kind of function. It is as essential as "Born to Kill" written on your helmet and "These boots are made for walkin'" playing in your field sound system. ABS plastic model kits shooting styrofoam rockets to 5 meters away haven't exactly fulfilled this void. Send in Deep Fire. We are happy to present to you the pre-production model of their upcoming M72A2 LAW.


Deep Fire M72A2

The M72 is delivered in a stunningly stylish dark red cardboard tube, with the name "M72A2" written on it with large white letters. As usual, what looks cool to an Airsofter may cause disturbance in the public, so it would be advisable to cover the package with something for transport. The packaging includes "the tube" (M72A2) and two soft ball projectiles. The 40 mm shells are sold separately.


Function-wise, the M72 could be compared to an M203. It uses all 40 mm shells (sold separately), so you can adjust the effect to suit your needs. We tested it with Deep Fire's own M203 shell, Madbull shells, Mosquito Molds, and King Arms shells. All worked great in this launcher. And of course that means you can use HFC134a gas, TOP GAS, Green Gas, Red Gas, or even CO2 in this launcher depending on what your shell takes. (Selected Madbull Shells can take CO2).

The Deep Fire M72 functions like the real thing, which is a single use expendable weapon. Reloading it is not as quick as regular launchers, but will not take a long time in the off-game area between rounds. The procedure only takes a couple of minutes once you get accustomed to it. It goes as follows:

-Pull the safety pin and open the rear lid. The sling and front lid will fall off the weapon.
-Grab the handle bar inside the tube, rotate the handle 1/10 counter clockwise to unlock, and pull the mechanism to the rear. Keep your other hand on the rear sight cover to prevent the tube from extending.
-Rotate another 1/10th CCW to lock it to the rear position.
-To load the nerf ball in front of the shell, separate the mechanism from the inner barrel by pressing the side latches simultaneously and insert the projectile. Otherwise skip this point.
-To eject the spent shell and load another, press the break open latch to open the breech.
-If you loaded a nerf ball earlier, attach the mechanism back onto the inner barrel.
-Rotate the mechanism clockwise to unlock, then push it into the main tube. Another short rotation will align the firing mechanism and lock the tube properly in place.
-Replace the front lid, sling attachment and rear lid. Insert safety pin.

How to carry and deploy?

An often seen scene in action movies and comedies is launching a rocket in the wrong direction. Unlike in movies, we know this can also happen to males. A LAW tube is not as intuitive and the shooting direction is not as obvious as with a revolver or other handheld weapons. A proper carrying method will prevent embarrassing situations in a skirmish, so here are a few tips and pictures for those who don't have actual training for the M72:

-The blocky rear sight cover is a good indicator of the rear of the tube.
-If you are right handed, carry the M72 with the rear of the tube behind your right hip, and the front behind your left shoulder.
-Make sure to put the pin in from the correct side, so you can pull it quickly.
-Practice deploying the M72. Don't take it to a skirmish straight away.
-It is possible to make an aimed shot in less than five seconds if you're good.

From your back to your shoulder, the drill is as follows:

-Grab the rear sight cover with your right hand, and bring it forward.
-Pull out the safety pin with your left hand.
-Point the weapon forward and grab the front bridge with your left hand.
-Extend in one definite motion. Don't be a Hulk but a fairy touch is too light.
-Disengage the safety lever, aim and fire.
-If you got a good hit, quickly switch to your assault rifle to pick off any infantry troops. Tanks are never alone.
-If you didn't get a good hit, hope that your partner does.


Back together

Collapsing the extended tube is rather easy, and doesn't take even a minute. First you put on the safety, and push the rectangular button in front of the safety. While pressing the collapse button, slap the rear of the tube with your hand to to push it in slightly. Then fold the front sight down, and push the rear tube in just enough to keep it from jumping back up. Repeat with the rear sight, and push the rear tube fully in. On the pre-production model we have, the final stage required a definite slap, but we have been told that the mass produced version will ironed out and work smoothly. In any case it's nothing to worry about, because the build quality of the Deep Fire M72A2 is really robust.


After fully collapsing the M72, place the front lid on a solid surface and place the front of the tube on it. It is easiest to put the sling attachment on the rear lid while closing the latter. You can then insert the safety pin. The pre-production version did not feature a lanyard thread for the safety pin, but we have been told that the production version will have one. Even with the real one you don't want to miss the safety pin, because there's always the possibility that you don't get a chance to fire the weapon and have to collapse it for carrying again.



If you were looking for a replica of the M72, you don't need to look further than the Deep Fire M72A2. The excellent build quality and realistic action makes this a top choice for any airsoft player in need for a LAW.

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