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PRODUCT DETAILS Tanaka SIG P226 Railed Frame Evolution Heavy Weight (Dummy Non Shooting Model)

Tanaka SIG P226 Railed Frame Evolution Heavy Weight (Dummy Non Shooting Model)

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Tanaka Works

Product Code: TNK-4537212006682
Weight: 642 g
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Unit Price: USD$209.00

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No, this is not a Airsoft gun. It is, in fact, a Shell Ejecting Cap Replica dimensionally similar to the real steel version but it won't expel anything at all. These dummy replicas are for those who like the feel of a real gun without needing to shoot or clean it. Comes with metal bullets that you can load into the magazine, chamber, and eject on each cycling of the slide - the same exact operation as a real gun except without the bang.

These dummy guns are perfect for training use, for collector fun, or if you simply love the feeling of inserting each round into the magazine, insert the mag, cock it back and watch each and every single shell spent every single time you pull the trigger, then this is something you should really consider.

It may feel like metal, but isn't. What it is, is a heavyweight plastic which feels cold to the touch deceiving the user into thinking that you're holding a full metal replica. Of course, it doesn't weigh the same but it isn't at all about that.

Each metal bullet can be unscrewed to insert a gunpowder cap that actually cycles the gun on firing, but these caps are only sold in Japan.

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