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Redwolf's Go Naminate Contest (2011-09-09)

Redwolf's Go NAMinate Contest
July 19th 2011 - August 22nd 2011
Required: Internet Access and a YouTube account.

Do you like making videos but don't have a camera? No problem!
Do you have some creative ideas on how to make a Vietnam based video that's short and entertaining?
It's easy with GoAnimate - just select the scene, type in your dialogue and story, and BAM - you've made a video!

You can enter our competition by creating and submitting an animated video using GoAnimate on YouTube. Completed animated clips are uploaded as YouTube videos as per normal. All videos created using the NAMinate text-to-video templates will automatically enter into this competition. We encourage you to post your video as a video response to give it more visibility. At the end of the contest period (July 19th 2011 to August 22nd 2011), four winners shall be selected. Videos can be funny, slapstick, silly, serious, action packed; anything goes really but videos will be judged for overall entertainment. Video clips have a maximum limit of 90 seconds (but can be shorter). Each contestant can only win one prize so quality of videos will be far more important then how many you submit.


Grand Prize
Selected by a panel of Airsoft experts and personalities as well as the founders of RedWolf and GoAnimate; the Grand Prize winner receives a G&P U.S. Navy MK23 MG (Weathered Limited Edition Version) and an Xbox Kinect 360.

Redwolf Choice Prize
Selected in house by Redwolf staff, the winner will receive an ARES M60 E4 (AEG).

1st Most Viewed Video Prize
The video with the most YouTube views at the end of the competition period will win a G&P XM177E1 AEG as well as a KJ M1911 GBB CO2 pistol.

2nd Most Viewed Video Prize
The video with the second most YouTube views at the end of the competition period will win a G&P M16A1 AEG.

All Prize Winners
All winners additionally get 1 year Gold RedWolf VIP Card (10% off all RedWolf Airsoft purchases), a RedWolf T-Shirt, 1 year GoAnimate Plus (free subscription with an advanced account on Go Animate) and 6,000 GoBucks (for spending on Go Animate account upgrades).

Terms & Conditions:
No single contestant will be awarded with multiple prizes and anyone found cheating with the intent of winning multiple prizes (through deception or other means) will have all of their videos removed from the competition. Contestants must be of appropriate legal age and in a country where Airsoft is legal to own and ship to; contestants found to infringe on these parameters may still enter the competition but will not be eligible for any prizes. Any contestants who are employees or related to the businesses of Redwolf Airsoft or GoAnimate are automatically not eligible to win prizes.
All submitted videos must be created using GoAnimate's Text-to-Video templates. All videos will have to meet YouTube restrictions in order to be submitted but Redwolf Airsoft reiterates that videos containing grossly inappropriate content such as gross sexual content, pornographic content, racism, political soap boxing or any sort of social media attack will not be accepted.
Dialogue content created in your video must be purely of your own work. Multiple videos with identical or similar content will be assumed on the protocol that the video with the older date posting is the original and all later postings are copies. Although homage content is tolerated, any blatant or obvious direct copying of non-original content will be viewed as unoriginal work and will not be eligible to win prizes. Redwolf Airsoft will not be held responsible for the content of submitted videos and as such any further content found inappropriate to stricter standards than YouTube, GoAnimate or Redwolf Airsoft and cannot be held liable to Redwolf Airsoft.
Infringement of copyrighted and intellectual property rights will not be accepted and Redwolf Airsoft is not responsible for any such infringements in the videos submitted by competition participants. All videos submitted into this competition relinquish intellectual property rights claims, Redwolf Airsoft reserves the right to use any and all content generated in the competition for further marketing and sales use. Redwolf Airsoft is not responsible for the content of any of the videos in this competition and all works are assumed on our part to be fictional. As such, any content similar to any real life individuals, business or products is by coincidence.
Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Redwolf Airsoft will pay for shipping but the winners receiving the prizes are responsible for any applicable import taxes / VAT. Failure to pay import taxes on the prize resulting in return of the prize to RedWolf will be treated as a forfeiture of the prize and it will be awarded to the next closest competitor.
All Airsoft Gun prizes are supplied by Redwolf Airsoft; the Xbox Kinect 360, Go Animate Plus Subscriptions and GoBucks prizes are supplied by GoAnimate with both companies shipping from Hong Kong S.A.R.