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Say NO to SB 798 (2011-05-13)

Protect your right to play Airsoft!

California Senate Bill 798 passed the Senate Public Safety Committee on March 26. This bill, if passed, prohibits, "...the sale, manufacture, transportation, receipt, or distribution of imitation firearms for commercial purposes," unless, "...the entire exterior surface of the device is white, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright pink, or bright purple, either singly or as the predominant color in combination with other colors in any pattern, as provided by federal regulations governing imitation firearms, or where the entire device is constructed of transparent or translucent materials which permits unmistakable observation of the device's complete contents, as provided by federal regulations governing imitation firearms."

SAY NO TO CALIFORNIA STATE SB 798! To support this, please visit:

The document of Senate Bill 798:

Call your local Senator and let him know you oppose SB798 now before it’s too late