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China's Invisible Weapon (2010-07-04)

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RedWolf Airsoft
China's Invisible Weapon
New Product Weekly Update for July 1 2010
We scour Hong Kong in search of an unseen weapon, will we find it?
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Lots of new exciting products in Airsoft this week! Check it out!
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Why The Type 56 Is The Best Ever AK
Get Off That Couch And Play For Real!
Possibly the sturdiest AEG ever! - Definitley the best AK ever!
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Tactical Weapons mount for T-Cube motion tracker keeps your eye on the enemy!
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World Cup Lucky Draw & 10% Off For Winning Country

All orders placed between June 17 through July 11th will be automatically entered into our raffle to win a RedWolf World Cup Custom gun.

And what's more, all orders placed from July 19th - July 25th for the winning country will enjoy 10% off on all purchases! This is our gift to you for winning the World Cup!*

* Discount applies to product purchase only and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions / coupon codes, etc.

Click here for more details!


Redwolf Custom M4A1 Crane Stock (Full Metal)

T-Cube RIS Mount for Motion Tracker

Aluminium, lightweight, solid and rigid - attaches quickly and easily onto any RIS / RAS rail system, attaches to either side, two joints; it?s been in the works for a while and now its finally here!

Redwolf Custom M4A1 Standard Stock (Full Metal)

Airsoft Surgeon ST 20th Anniversary Limited Set (Two Tone) with Red Dot

The Genius Surgeon, this time dressed with the ultra cool slide; proper markings, shock buffer, tweaked sear and sear spring, ultra light trigger pull, shortened stroke and an Airsoft Surgeon Pro Shooter mount with a RD-Dynamic red dot sight.

Redwolf Custom M4A1 Standard Stock (Full Metal)

Tanaka M24 SWS 24inch Fluted Barrel (Shell Ejecting)

Tanaka got the new ball rolling and now they bring us the M24. Making use of the same shell ejecting internals, this version features a more ergonomic shape, adjustable stock pad and a fluted barrel.

Redwolf Custom M4 CQB (Full Metal)

Russian Mania Workshop RPG-7B Grenade Launcher

The RPG-7, an iconic Soviet rocket propelled grenade launcher put to use by countless forces around the world since its introduction in 1961, now lovingly rendered for us as a 40mm MOSCART grenade launcher.


Golden Eagle M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle


VIS-1 monolithic metal upper, authentic markings on the metal receiver, ergonomic G27 pistol grip, crane stock (rear wired) and loudener style flashider. Includes a high capacity magazine and a TD vertical grip.


Milspex Z Tactical ZISM-V Red Dot Aiming Device with Laser

The zISM-V Integrated Sighting Module is a red dot sighting module with visible red laser co-aligned with the red dot.

King Arms Troy M7A1 2009 Version

Tokyo Marui Night Warrior

One for 1911 lovers (or those who appreciate a nice gun) - the Tokyo Marui Night Warrior is essentially an M.E.U. with different externals; a stunning grip, skeletoned trigger, hammer, bottom rail and unusual sights; a trouser stirring sight to behold.

Airsoft Surgeon Marui 6 inch Limcat Custom (Limited Edition)


Featuring a TRY metal body and short type 7 inch front set to give it that distinctive short barreled rifle look. Realistic markings, the Magpul PTS CTR stock and stubby front grip help update this GBBR for the trendy Airsofter of today.

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (10.5 inch)

Airsoft Surgeon Marui 6 inch Limcat Custom (Limited Edition) (Silver)

Accurate to up to 25 meters (we ran out of space) with a grouping of 4mm firing 1 shot every 0.5 seconds, Airsoft Surgeon's newest 6" Limcat Custom sure does perform above and beyond other models!

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (10.5 inch)

Marushin Walther PP Model Gun (Heavy Weight / Cap)

This handsome piece from Marushin is quite the collector's choice. Storing 8 shells in the spring loaded magazine, it faithfully emulates the real 7.65mm round. The feel, the balance, the finish; it?s an amazing work of modern artistic engineering.

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (14.5 inch)

Wiley X XCESS POL Emerald Mirror Lens / Gloss Black Frame

Endorsed by Skeet Reese, the Bassmaster Classic Angling Champion (and angling fishing champion in the US), Wiley-X's Xcess design of frame features a cool F117 style Nighthawk look for the fighter ninja in you



MOS Mag for Marui G36

Mosquito Molds Drum Mag for G36

Holds 3000 rounds, manual wind-up. Made in Japan.

Was $95
Now $45

MOS Drum Mag for MC51 and G3

Mosquito Molds Drum Mag for MC51 / G3

Holds 3000 rounds, manual wind-up. Made in Japan.

Was $108
Now $49
Hero Arms M14 Sound Activated Auto Winding Magazine

Hero Arms Auto Winding M14 1000rd Magazine for Marui M14 (Sound Activated)

High tech auto-winding magazine winds when it hears the gun shooting! Powered by rechargeable battery (included)


Was $129.95
Now $75
JUST Flashlight and Laser Mount

JUST Flashlight and Laser Mount for Rifle

Easily mount any flashlight or laser to the barrel of your rifle!

Was $18.50
Now $6.50
Milspex M16 Magazine

Milspex M16 Standard 68 Round Magazine (Black)

No shakes and rattles, the standard 68 round magazine is the choice of serious skirmishers. At this price, you can load up!

Was $19.99
Now $9.95

Milspex M16 Standard 68 Round Magazine (Silver)

Hugely popular nickel finishing gives your M16 / M4 character. Overstock means we can give you these at an attractive price!

Was $19.99
Now $9.95

Airsoft Surgeon Chip McCormick Style Adjustable Steel Trigger for WA / G&P M4 Gas Blowback Rifle

Lightweight and adjustable for fast double-taps!

Was $49
Now $14.99

Guarder U Flash Hider for AK74 (14mm Counter Clockwise Thread)

Mounts on any AK47 rifle with 14cm negative thread (e.g. Marui AK47)


Was $40
Now $15

Guarder Aluminum Springfield Style Slide & Frame for Marui 1911 (Silver)

Full metal kit for the Marui 1911 is a steal at this price!

Was $120
Now $79
Milspex Gloves

Milspex Tactical Leather Gloves (M)

Rugged and handsome, these gloves are great value for money! .

Was $22
Now $6.99

PM Concept Tactical Vest (Desert)

4 mag pouches, 6 small shell pouches, 2 side pouches, 2 lower back pouches, belt loops, day pack on back.

Was $99
Now $39

Milspex Tactical Backpack (ACU)

Rugged and fashionable for both skirmish and casual use!

Was $50
Now $19

First Factory 5000rd Box Magazine for M4 / M16

Based on a Marui M16 Hi-Cap magazine (included), this massive 5000 round box mag means you don't have to keep changing magazines!

Was $109
Now $55
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