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The Most Concealable Machine Gun (2010-05-23)

RedWolf Airsoft
The Most Concealable Machine Gun
Why Systema PTW's Are The Ferraris of Airsoft Rifles
Our latest mini-series on the adventures of Agent A highlights the advantages of the Magpul FPG (FMG9 as it is known in real steel)! Leave feedback and subscribe to our Youtube channel!
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A quick look at why the Systema PTW (Training Rifles) is widely regarded asthe Ferrari of Airsoft guns!
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Redwolf Custom M4A1 Crane Stock (Full Metal)

WE PDW Gas Blowback Rifle (Open Bolt, Short Barrel, No Marking)

The classic separation between the WA and WE AR systems has always been the bolt system, with the WAs more realistic bolt versus the WEs better kick and power; This is the case no longer.

Redwolf Custom M4A1 Standard Stock (Full Metal)

Western Arms 1911 Government CQB Hi-Spec

A tried and trusted brand, Western Arms gives us another sublime how to do a GBB pistol right. A nice solid piece with the usual compatibility for WA 1911 modifications should you so wish to personalize it further.

Redwolf Custom M4A1 Standard Stock (Full Metal)

WE M92F Tan (With Marking)

A fine looking piece added to WEs lineup, the Tan M92F will unleash the desert fighter within you!
The M92F is sure to fulfill your needs for a high capacity and accurate sidearm.

Redwolf Custom M4 CQB (Full Metal)

TSC PDW CNC 7075 Aluminum Metal Lower Reciver for WE PDW

CNC machined out of aircraft grade aluminum this lower receiver upgrade for your WE PDW features all the details and dimensions of the real thing and includes a non-dimpled grip for your comfort.

Golden Eagle M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle

Magpul PTS RVG - Rail Vertical Grip (Black)

A hollow shell with broad walls, the lightweight, high strength polymer structure is rock solid but feather light offering increased grip with minimal impact on weapon mass. About 75-80% the size of a normal grip, this variant rail attaches.

King Arms Troy M7A1 2009 Version

Magpul PTS MVG - MOE Vertical Grip (Black)

FINALLY Magpul MOE foregrip AR users have a purpose built tactical front grip they can put to use that doesn?t involve superglue or duct tape. Smaller then a normal grip, this version attaches to an MOE handguard.

Airsoft Surgeon Marui 6 inch Limcat Custom (Limited Edition)

Laylax PSSL96 Stainless Hard Coating Cylinder & Cylinder Head Set for Marui L96

A Teflon coated hard stainless steel cylinder and cylinder head set for the Tokyo Marui L96 AWS. Increase the durability of your cylinder and cylinder head to take those higher power springs for sniping at extended ranges.

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (10.5 inch)

G&P WA M4 Magpul Metal Receiver for WA M4 GBBR (Sand)

Constructed via Aluminum Die-Casting, the G&P Limited Edition Magpul upper and lower receiver set is superbly detailed and extremely robust. If you love Magpul, then you will most definitely love this!

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (10.5 inch)

PMC Custom Red Dot Reflex Sight Mount for Marui Hi-Capa Series

Composed of a single CNC machined aluminum piece, these mount brackets offer a durable and lightweight elegant solution for mounting your pistol optic solution; it will mount a reflex mini red dot sight

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (14.5 inch)

MSM Fun Sponge Patch (Full Color)

You could interpret this as a badge worn by the kind of douche that sucks all the fun out of the room or simply a declaration that you're so awesome you proceed to find fun in everything you do like some kind of unstoppable absorptive monster.

MOS Mag for Marui G36

Mosquito Molds Drum Mag for G36

Holds 3000 rounds, manual wind-up. Made in Japan.

Was $95
Now $45

MOS Drum Mag for MC51 and G3

Mosquito Molds Drum Mag for MC51 / G3

Holds 3000 rounds, manual wind-up. Made in Japan.

Was $108
Now $49
Hero Arms M14 Sound Activated Auto Winding Magazine

Hero Arms Auto Winding M14 1000rd Magazine for Marui M14 (Sound Activated)

High tech auto-winding magazine winds when it hears the gun shooting! Powered by rechargeable battery (included)


Was $129.95
Now $75
JUST Flashlight and Laser Mount

JUST Flashlight and Laser Mount for Rifle

Easily mount any flashlight or laser to the barrel of your rifle!

Was $18.50
Now $6.50
Milspex M16 Magazine

Milspex M16 Standard 68 Round Magazine (Black)

No shakes and rattles, the standard 68 round magazine is the choice of serious skirmishers. At this price, you can load up!

Was $19.99
Now $9.95

Milspex M16 Standard 68 Round Magazine (Silver)

Hugely popular nickel finishing gives your M16 / M4 character. Overstock means we can give you these at an attractive price!

Was $19.99
Now $9.95

Airsoft Surgeon Chip McCormick Style Adjustable Steel Trigger for WA / G&P M4 Gas Blowback Rifle

Lightweight and adjustable for fast double-taps!

Was $49
Now $14.99

Guarder U Flash Hider for AK74 (14mm Counter Clockwise Thread)

Mounts on any AK47 rifle with 14cm negative thread (e.g. Marui AK47)


Was $40
Now $15

Guarder Aluminum Springfield Style Slide & Frame for Marui 1911 (Silver)

Full metal kit for the Marui 1911 is a steal at this price!

Was $120
Now $79
Milspex Gloves

Milspex Tactical Leather Gloves (M)

Rugged and handsome, these gloves are great value for money! .

Was $22
Now $6.99

PM Concept Tactical Vest (Desert)

4 mag pouches, 6 small shell pouches, 2 side pouches, 2 lower back pouches, belt loops, day pack on back.

Was $99
Now $39

Milspex Tactical Backpack (ACU)

Rugged and fashionable for both skirmish and casual use!

Was $50
Now $19

First Factory 5000rd Box Magazine for M4 / M16

Based on a Marui M16 Hi-Cap magazine (included), this massive 5000 round box mag means you don't have to keep changing magazines!

Was $109
Now $55
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