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How the Allies Won The War (2010-05-01)

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How The Allies Won The War
New Product Weekly Update for April 30 2010
M1919 Review Latest Products April 30, 2010
We track the evolution of some WWII weaponary, looking at various technology employeds! Feast your eyes on the VIVA ARMS M1919!
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Lots of new exciting products in Airsoft this week!
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Redwolf Custom M4A1 Crane Stock (Full Metal)

RWC L96 Custom

This isn?t artistic nicety, its first class engineering; premium choice parts expertly installed into a stunning gun making for a truly incredible sniper platform.


Redwolf Custom M4A1 Standard Stock (Full Metal)

Airsoft Surgeon Special Custom Single Stack Open Class (Black Version)

TM MEU based competition pistol; comes with authentic black Monster Grips, Springfield marked silver frame, Brazos Custom Pro Sx Limited Edition Ported and compensated slide and fixed barrel set and RD Dynamic red dot scope.


Redwolf Custom M4A1 Standard Stock (Full Metal)

Airsoft Surgeon Infinity Heroes Pistol

This creation comes with a hybrid barrel and comp, Brazos Custom Pro Sx Limited Edition Ported slide and comp, stippled grips, Infinity SV silver frame with a Pro Shooter Mount attaching an RD Dynamics red dot sight.


Redwolf Custom M4 CQB (Full Metal)

SOCOM Gear Daniel Defense M16 Omega

Clocking in at 400 FPS, featuring a 12 inch Daniel Defense Omega-X rail system, licensed Noveske flashider and caked in licensed realistic markings; skirmishable right out of the box.


Golden Eagle M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle


Full aluminum slide and frame finished in a lustrous black tone; features Gemtech Trinity silencer, thread adapter, integral tactical rail as well as a lanyard loop.


King Arms Troy M7A1 2009 Version

Bomber SR16 E3 (Shorty) (Prime CNC Receiver)

Prime CNC metal body, rail system, rail covers, tactical grip, flip up sights, ergo trigger guard, quick detach rear sling mount as well as ambidextrous fire selector, bolt and mag release, this is a full package right out of the box.


Airsoft Surgeon Marui 6 inch Limcat Custom (Limited Edition)

Inokatsu M4 Super Bolt (Steel)

All-steel weight adjustable heavy weight bolt for enhance kick with an adapter to allow installation with Inokatsu, WA, G&P, Prime and AGM GBBR M4s.


Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (10.5 inch)

VFC Baby M4 (E Series)

Barely 16 inches long, the baby M4 is an incredibly compact little tyke; with a 6 inch barrel, full sized AEG firepower in a large pistol package.


Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (10.5 inch)

Andax Tango Down ARC Magazine Shell Box Set for WE M4 Magazine (Dark Earth)

A nifty housing overhaul kit; a set of 6 tough polymer shells design to re-dress your WE M4 / SCAR magazines to look prettier and last better with the improved design and materials.

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (14.5 inch)

Andax PEQ15 Pattern Projector Laser Cover
(Dark Earth)

Make aim lasing more interesting with this set of 3 pattern filters for the AN PEQ 15 Visible Laser Unit which change the plain red dot into something more ?Operator?.


MOS Mag for Marui G36

Mosquito Molds Drum Mag for G36

Holds 3000 rounds, manual wind-up. Made in Japan.

Was $95
Now $45

MOS Drum Mag for MC51 and G3

Mosquito Molds Drum Mag for MC51 / G3

Holds 3000 rounds, manual wind-up. Made in Japan.

Was $108
Now $49
Hero Arms M14 Sound Activated Auto Winding Magazine

Hero Arms Auto Winding M14 1000rd Magazine for Marui M14 (Sound Activated)

High tech auto-winding magazine winds when it hears the gun shooting! Powered by rechargeable battery (included)


Was $129.95
Now $75
JUST Flashlight and Laser Mount

JUST Flashlight and Laser Mount for Rifle

Easily mount any flashlight or laser to the barrel of your rifle!

Was $18.50
Now $6.50
Milspex M16 Magazine

Milspex M16 Standard 68 Round Magazine (Black)

No shakes and rattles, the standard 68 round magazine is the choice of serious skirmishers. At this price, you can load up!

Was $19.99
Now $9.95

Milspex M16 Standard 68 Round Magazine (Silver)

Hugely popular nickel finishing gives your M16 / M4 character. Overstock means we can give you these at an attractive price!

Was $19.99
Now $9.95

Airsoft Surgeon Chip McCormick Style Adjustable Steel Trigger for WA / G&P M4 Gas Blowback Rifle

Lightweight and adjustable for fast double-taps!

Was $49
Now $14.99

Guarder U Flash Hider for AK74 (14mm Counter Clockwise Thread)

Mounts on any AK47 rifle with 14cm negative thread (e.g. Marui AK47)


Was $40
Now $15

Guarder Aluminum Springfield Style Slide & Frame for Marui 1911 (Silver)

Full metal kit for the Marui 1911 is a steal at this price!

Was $120
Now $79
Milspex Gloves

Milspex Tactical Leather Gloves (M)

Rugged and handsome, these gloves are great value for money! .

Was $22
Now $6.99

PM Concept Tactical Vest (Desert)

4 mag pouches, 6 small shell pouches, 2 side pouches, 2 lower back pouches, belt loops, day pack on back.

Was $99
Now $39

Milspex Tactical Backpack (ACU)

Rugged and fashionable for both skirmish and casual use!

Was $50
Now $19

First Factory 5000rd Box Magazine for M4 / M16

Based on a Marui M16 Hi-Cap magazine (included), this massive 5000 round box mag means you don't have to keep changing magazines!

Was $109
Now $55
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