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5 Reasons SWAT love the Tanaka M700 (2010-04-24)

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5 Reasons SWAT Love The Tanaka M700 Shell Ejecting Rifle
 Tanaka M700 Shell Ejecting Rifle

Do you like the sound of shells ejecting onto the floor? Authentically built with the same shooting experience
as a real rifle (minus the big bang), find out why this SWAT officer chose it as his weapon of choice! (Play Video).

Leave a comment and tell us what you think about the gun (and the video!)


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What's New
Price (USD)
Redwolf Custom M4A1 Crane Stock (Full Metal)

Magpul PTS FPG Conversion Kit (for KSC/KWA B18C)

Finally here, the FPG is a kit which turns a KSC 18C Gas Blowback Pistol into a compact carry SMG camouflaged as a flashlight-box-like disguise.

Redwolf Custom M4A1 Standard Stock (Full Metal)

Deep Fire STUN Grenade (Pre-Order)

KABOOM! – Deepfire brings us there new stun grenade, powered by anything from propane to CO2, this thing is a shocking 110 decibels on detonation!

Redwolf Custom M4 CQB (Full Metal)

Deep Fire M4 7 inch MRF-C-Carbine

Deepfire brings us some more tasty M4s, these ones in all metal with Titanium Series internals coupled with PTW style Deepfire hop-up units. Also available in COMMANDO configuration!


Golden Eagle M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle

Airsoft Surgeon Infinity Limited Long Dust Cover

Based on the TM Hi-Capa, this pistol has a nice, thorough tune-up across the board, a nice base to build a fully custom gun.


Airsoft Surgeon Special Custom Single Stack Open Class

If speed and power is what you crave, this high end IPSC race gun is jsut your ticket! Hand built by Airsoft Surgeon based on a Marui MEU platform. Check out the unique grips!


S-Thunder Gas Powder Mine

S-Thunder Gas Powder Landmine (Pre-Order)

Bury one of these in the ground and watch it cover your opponents in colored powder. Step on it to detonate. Uses 12g CO2 cartridges (sold separately).

S-Thunder CO2 Water Landmine Version 2

Powder too messy for you? Go with this water version to soak your opponents! Also available in black.

King Arms Troy M7A1 2009 Version

Airsoft Surgeon Pro Shooter Mount (Pre-Order)

This aircraft grade Aluminum rig replaces the slide lock catch on your 1911/Hi-Capa to make installation of optics easier then ever before.


Gamma M1 Bazooka Style Moscart Shell Launcher

Expanding the strategic options of your WWII scenario games, now to your pandemonium of Thompsons, MP40s, 44's and various other assault rifles, you can shake things up wtih anti-tank fire!

Airsoft Surgeon Marui 6 inch Limcat Custom (Limited Edition)

Tanaka M700 Police 26 inch (Shell Ejecting Version)

Complementing the cool factor of bolt action with the awesome of ejecting shells, the new Tanaka M700 is possibly the coolest operating modern style sniper rifle available today.

Airsoft Surgeon Infinity Open Class (Gun of the Year)

Inokatsu M4 MTW CQBR (Super Version)

Building on their earlier model, INOKATSU brings to you their 2009th Enhanced Version with harder kick and greater power now in a short carbine CQBR variant.


Bomber M16N Gas Blowback Rifle (Prime CNC Receiver)

G&P WOC internals means this gas blowback rifle delivers reliable performance, but with the added beauty of a high precision Prime CNC receiver!


VFC Baby M4 (E Series)

Compact rifle is only 16 inches long is great for CQB or as a backup weapon!

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (10.5 inch)

Tokyo Marui FN 5-7 (FDE)

A handsome pistol that shoots great and has the added bonus of not being a 1911, B17 or M9, what more could you ask for? Available in Black, Desert Earth and Foliage Green.

Prime LMT Conversion Kit for (WA) Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (14.5 inch)

SOCOM Gear Desert Combat 1911

Get tactical in tan with this Desert Combat 1911 from SOCOM Gear!


Milspex PVS Style 3x Magnifier with Red Laser

Look the part with this PVS14 style 3x Magnifier scope with laser. (not actually a functional night vision goggle)


Dytac Comp M4 Red Dot Sight with AD Style QD Mount

The Comp M4 is an improved version of the Comp M3 with clearer sight picture with crisp red or greed dot (4 levels of adjustment) Includes kill flash.


Inokatsu M4 Super Bolt (Steel)

Want the heavy realistic recoil of the Inokatsu M4 in your WA, G&P, AGM M4? This high quality steel weight adjustable bolt is your answer!


Milspex Hard Recoil Aluminium Piston for WA / G&P M4

GIve your gas blowback M4 a harder kick with this part from Milspex!

Deep Fire WWII Model 24 Stielhandgranate Dummy Grenade

PDI 6.01 509.5mm Precision Barrel for SYSTEMA PTW

Improve your groupings and upgrade your power slightly with this 6.01 mm tightbore barrel from PDI for the SYSTEMA PTW.


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