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Facebook Forums Competition: Design a Slogan for RedWolf Airsoft (2009-12-10)

What does Redwolf Airsoft mean to you?
What emotions does the name Redwolf Airsoft stir within you?

Our current slogan as you may know is "The Leader of The Pack", can you come up with a better one? Design a Slogan for Redwolf Airsoft to reflect your views on our company for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

Grand Prize:
King Arms FAL Tactical Carbine (Folding Stock)

1st Runner Up:
KJ M700 (Police Model)

2nd Runner Up:
WE Hi Capa 5.1 Dragon - Black (Full Metal)

To enter, simply visit our Redwolf Airsoft Facebook page and become a fan, then go and post up your entry under our discussions topic "Competition: Design a Slogan for RedWolf Airsoft".
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  • 1. No Obscenties/Naughty Language, otherwise Anything Goes.
  • 2. Only 1 Slogan per user, any further submissions/posts on this page by that same person will be removed.
  • 3. This board is dedicated solely for posting your Slogan, for discussions please go to Design a Slogan Discussions.
  • 4. The winners will be decided upon by a panel of judges; the President of Redwolf Airsoft and several key members of our senior management, members of Redwolf Airsoft's marketing team, as well as several several guests.
  • This competition ends on Friday, 15th January 2010