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Sizzling Hot Summer Deals - 2009 (2009-08-11)

Beat the heat this summer by releasing some gas. The hot summer season is a perfect time to play with gas guns, and we've got some sizzling hot offers to get you going.

For those who fancy a bit of GBB Armalite action, you may to check out our Inokatsu and G&P deals. With the Inokatsu M4A1 package, we are giving you one free magazine, one free bag of BBs and a free Pantac sling - that's a saving of $84.

Seen the cool shell-ejecting Marushin Kimber Gold Match? Then you might want to take advantage of this Summer-only deal. Save $37.99 when you buy this super hot Kimber Gold Match Package.

The recession getting you down? Well, we've got some fantastic offers for an extra $1! For an extra you get: a Walther silencer with the Maruzen PPK/s package; an extra mag with the KJ Full Metal M9 package and an extra magazine with the JG G32C full metal slide package.

Perhaps get yourself a nice sleek pistol to use, with the RWC G17 CNC metal slide package; Tokyo Marui P226R package; Tokyo Marui Detonics package and the new System 7 KSC USP P10 package, you'll be the only cool person on the field this summer.

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