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IASUS NT3 BLACK OPS 2 (2009-07-06)

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IASUS Concepts Introduces the NT3 SPECIAL BLACK OPS 2 Throat Mic System.
Special Edition Military-spec Black Ops Tactical Headset

New product news from IASUS - the NT3 Special Black Ops 2 Throat Mic System:

Following the Sniper Pro and the popularity of the NT3 Special Black Ops as used by U.S. police and military, IASUS concepts announces the release of the special edition-- the NT3 Special Black Ops 2.

Originally created during WWI for radio communications in tanks, IASUS has taken the technology that is still used for military and tactical communications for throat mics and upgraded it with improved usability while maintaining durability to produce the NT3 Special Black Ops 2. The military-spec Black Ops 2 designed specifically for professional use, features unique stealth acoustic coiling, heavy-duty reinforced neck strap, and tough custom braided lightweight cables for special tactical assignments. A special edition model, the NT3 Special Black Ops 2 is built with highest quality materials for the hardcore users that require the best in terms of throat mic communications equipment.

Also featured in the Black Ops 2 will be the large water resistant polycarbonate PTT (push to talk), originally from the Sniper Pro. Unlike other tactical PTTs, the IASUS full surface activation design allows for operation by either glove or rifle stock giving the user the ultimate tactical advantage. Built-in molle standard polycarbonate clip on the PTT also allows for universal integration with tactical standard gear. The IASUS original designed finger PTT and finger sleeve also comes standard with the Black Ops 2 for more tactical options. As with the IASUS NT3 series of communication systems, the Black Ops 2 headset is fully modular and can be customized to incorporate different PTTs pending user requirements, and adapted to many different communication devices.

The heavy-duty adjustable and flexible throat strap, with an innovative breakaway steel magnetic clasp, first introduced in the earlier edition Black Ops, maintains its original comfort in the second edition. Also included in the Black Ops 2 is the all black anti-reflective finish for the transponders. For added flexibility, the new NT3 Special Black Ops 2 will include two contour earpieces, one for the left and one for the right ear, as well as different earpieces for maximum comfort and flexibility. The acoustic coil also comes with a special sizing adaptor to allow for an even more customized fit.

NT3 Special Black Ops 2 kit comes with matt black finished IASUS Gen 3.0 transponder, all black acoustic coil and integrated heavy duty reinforced neck strap, large tactical PTT, acoustic coil customization kit, specific compatibility adaptor/cable, and extra contour earpieces.

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About IASUS Concepts Ltd:
Founded in 2001, IASUS corporate headquarters is located in Asia with affiliate offices in the United States. An innovator of industrial design and technology development, IASUS concepts focuses on creating unique innovative products for specialized applications.

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