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Redwolf Airsoft Awards 2009 - Win a Marui AEG (2009-06-02)

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Redwolf Airsoft Awards 2009

The Results are in, with clear victories in each section! Winner will be announced via email.

Echo 1 USA takes the lead with 74% of votes;
Runners up are Tokyo Marui?s M4 SOPMOD at 12%.

a. Tokyo Marui SOPMOD
b. Systema M4A1 SuperMAX
c. Echo1 M134 Minigun
d. G&G GS550
e. VFC Knight's PDW

No doubts here with the G&P WOC series topping the charts with 74% total votes.
Runners up are tied between the INOKATSU and the WE M4?s!

a. WA M4
b. WE M4
c. G&P M4 WOC
d. Inokatsu M4
e. SOCOM Gear M4

Tokyo Marui?s Hi-CAPA Xtreme leads the ratings at 79%! Runners up are the SOCOM Gear 1911 MEU at a measly 7%.

a. Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Xtreme
b. KSC System 7
c. SOCOM Gear 1911 MEU
d. Marushin shell-ejecting G21

Most undoubtedly the winner with the majority votes at 73% is the Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD!
With AI Tornado Grenade coming in at second place with 15% votes!

a. Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade
b. WA M4 GBB
c. Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD
d. Marushin shell-ejecting G21
e. Madbull Airsoft Noisemaker

At 69% the RWC Magpul x Madbull JP Carbine leads the polls!
With the RWC M82 coming in at 19%.

a. RWC Hell Kitty
b. Airsoft Surgeon WA SPR MK12 Blowback Rifle
c. RWC Magpul x Madbull JP Carbine
d. Airsoft Surgeon Glock Entra
e. RWC M82

No surprise here with Official Crye Precision Multicam taking the lead with 80% total votes!
With Ranger Green coming up at 7%.

a. Ranger Green
b. Coyote Brown

c. Crye Precision Official Multicam

d. Olive Drab
e. Khaki

Madbull at an awesome 82% of our total votes!
Runners up are G&P?s accessories at 11%.

a. Prime
b. PGC
c. Shooter's Design
d. G&P
e. Madbull