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Redwolf Airsoft Labs (2009-03-24)

Our very own mad scientists put together some weird and wonderful tests, guides and tutorials in a short easy-to-consume video clip. Check out all the videos we have made so far:

Episode 5
Continuing our pursuit of fruit destruction we carry on the carnage with a gigantic watermelon and two guns. We compare the G&P M4 WOC gas blowback with the Echo1 M134 Minigun. Watch the video to see more Shoot The S**t Up action:

Episode 4
In this episode, we start a new Lab feature: Shoot Sh*t Up. For the first in this line we are showing the Echo1 M134 Minigun (Short) pulverizing a little red apple. Why? Because we prefer oranges! Watch the video below:

Episode 3
To prove that the Airsoft Innovation's Tornado Grenade does have an effective 360-degree coverage, we did a quick video of a "ring-o-death" test. Watch the video below:

Episode 2
We received a comment from one of the viewers of the first Redwolf Labs video, requesting that we try the Airsoft Jenga test with an Airsoft Innovation's Tornado Grenade (for entertainment value, most likely). Not being one to turn down an opportunity for a bit of fun, we shot another video highlighting the subtletly (or lack of) of playing Airsoft Jenga with an airsoft grenade. Watch the video below:

Episode 1
We test the accuracy of the Hurricane Holosight vs a standard iron sight, with a Jenga set! Although it is not supposed to be a proper technical test on accuracy, it is a fun test to show and prove that using a sight such as the Hurricane Holosight actually does improve your accuracy. Please note that this video was shot as it happened, NONE of it was staged or faked.