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The Airsoft Press (2008-10-16)

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Members of the AirsoftPRESS editorial team are practicing engineers, technicians and field operators who have been with Airsoft since the era of the S.S. 9000 series and the gas-electric hybrid Jatimatic (W.A. 1986). Being geographically close to the origin of Airsoft enables close contact with the major manufacturers, thus facilitating in-depth and accurate coverage of the hottest "toys of the trade".

What are our unique competitive advantages?

We are close to the source.

As said by Mike (our Chief Editor), the ability to have weekly lunch gatherings with the manufacturers' techies (i.e. the for-sure true and correct information sources) allows us to obtain correct answers to the difficult Airsoft questions. This is an advantage no one else in this field can have.

We have been part of the Airsoft industry for over a decade.

Because we are part of the industry, we know what information is really needed, and we make sure our books tell what people really need to know. We do not mind to say bad things about airsoft product that doesn't work, and we will not hesitate to give you hacks and workarounds to difficult airsoft problems. Reading one of our books should be like having an airsoft professional by your side, passing on useful hints whenever you get stuck.

We maintain a clear separation between editorial and advertising.

We constantly insist on the separation between editorial and advertising. Some advertisers had asked for preferential treatment from us before. However, they were all turned down right on the spot. It has been made clear that one doesn't have to be an advertiser in order to get a review (however, one does have to have a good product in order to receive positive coverage). In fact, our editors are authorized to freely try out and praise (or criticize) whatever they see as important to the areas of coverage. The editorial processes are never influenced by any outside party (including the manufacturer of the product under review).

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