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The TOP 20 videos have been decided - Redwolf Video competition (2008-08-05)

Well, the day of reckoning has finally come - here are the TOP 20 videos in the Who Dares Wins video competition! We have received almost 100 great videos from you all and are overwhelmed with the support that has been shown for our first video competition.

The voting starts from today, and we have decided to extend the voting deadline until the the 21st August due to the delay in announcing the TOP 20 videos. The Grand Prize winner will be decided by public vote and takes into account the positive comments & thumbs-up given on the respective YouTube video pages, from the 5th August - 22nd August. We will also be asking all our newsletter contacts to vote also and all will be tallied-up to decide the Grand Prize winner. There will also be prizes for Most Creative and Most Entertaining videos.

So, please vote with:

  • Thumbs-up (done on the comments section of each YouTube page)
  • Positive comments
  • Reply to our newsletter survey 

    Video A) dandman3039

    Video B) goonhead2

     Video C) starwarsgeek777  Video D) JayinVenice
     Video E) hnapierala  Video F) yzardil
    Video G) aaronpryka Video H) jsan0101
    Video I) MartinT123456789 Video J) airsoftpacific
    Video K) LeSonic Video L) LookitProductions
    Video M) alleywayairsoft Video N) bryanetmax
    Video O) cfrend Video P) demuizj
    Video Q) warcog Video R) StevenSandbrook
    Video S) croce9380 Video T) LordSkeletaur