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It's Here - Western Arms M4 CQB-R with Blowback (2008-04-17)

Well, we've all been waiting for this one in eager anticipation, and it's finally here! The Western Arms M4 CQB-R is every bit as good as we thought it will be, with surprisingly hard blowback along with good performance figures (300fps with HFC134a, 380fps with Top Gas). It is a truly exciting gun. Even though it is not the first blowback automatic rifle or even gas blowback one, it is the quite possibly the best one we have seen so far and we are sure that we will see an array of modification parts for this gun to follow - metal body anyone?

The Western Arms M4 CQB-R is available for sale now at Redwolf Airsoft. We have had a lot of interest in this gun, so should it run out of stock, we will take Pre-Orders for it. For more details and to buy click here

A profile of the Western Arms M4 CQB-R

The grip has the same dimensions as the real one, thanks to the fact that a motor needn't be stored inside

Authentic trademarks

6 position stock and removable carrying handle

Hop up is found inside the RIS instead of inside the main receiver