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Confused About The Recent UK's VCRA Act? (2007-10-24)

The Violent Crime Reduction Act has been effective since October 1st 2007. It means that the sales, importation and manufacture of realistic imitation firearms (that airsoft guns mostly are), is illegal. Airsoft players (skirmishers) have a specific defence, so if you are registered with your local site, then you may be able to import airsoft guns legally.

If you are not registered or otherwise active yet, we would advise to get connected to other hobbyists via Arnie's Airsoft, or at your local site to get started. At Arnie's forums they also have the VCRA explained thoroughly.

These steps are for your consideration, but we can not control whether our customers are valid skirmishers or not. For this reason, we will ship items (including airsoft guns) to the UK as well, but if the order contains anything that looks like a firearm, then we kindly ask you to pay by Wire Transfer instead of Pay Pal or credit cards. We are not able to check whether you are skirmisher or not, but it is a matter between you and the UK authorities.

While we understand that shipments of airsoft guns into the UK have met with some success since October 1, we cannot guarantee delivery to you as a result of many gray areas in this new law. We are sure that within a couple months, the details of the law will be more clear. Note that this does not apply to wholesalers (we can still ship to you).

But this does not mean the end of the world! There are still over 7000 different non-gun products on our site that can fill your Airsoft needs!

So shop now and take advantage of our year-end promotional sales!

P.S. Airsoft guns become "Imitation firearms" instead of "realistic imitation firearms", if the predominant color (51% or more) is a bright yellow, blue, red, purple and so on. We can also provide a painting service for an extra charge, if you are not covered by the specific defence. An orange tip will not suffice, but the majority of the gun would have to be painted. They buyer will also have to be at least 18 years of age.