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Redwolf Airsoft - Official Wiley X Distributor in Hong Kong (2007-09-05)

RedWolf Airsoft are proud to be appointed as Official distributor of Wiley X Combat Eyewear in Hong Kong. Designed to withstand the harsh requirements of extreme warfare, Wiley X products are developed based on feedback from soldiers and officers from the field. High Velocity Protection (HVP) is the theory behind all Wiley X glasses and goggles. HVP makes Wiley X glasses and goggles differ from your traditional goggles in that Wiley X eyewear can protect user's eyes from fragmentation and shotgun fire. There are many stories from the field where soldiers were shot in the face by shotgun fire or fragmentation, but were able to continue fighting because their Wiley X glasses / goggles protected their vision. Wiley X glasses are extremely popular with law enforcement and military personel for their light weight, high protection capability, and great looks. Obviously if they can take real steel fire, no airsoft gun will ever be able to penetrate these rugged glasses / goggles.

Official Wiley X website

Official Wiley X (Hong Kong) website

Take a look at some of the Wiley X Eyewear available at Redwolf Airsoft:

P-17 (Smoke Green/ Matte Black) P-17NP (Flash Bronze Brown/Gloss Demi Frame) P-23 (Polarized Blue Lunar/Gloss Black Frame) P-23NP (Silver Steel/Gloss Black W/ Metallic Orange Frame Trigger P-98NP (Smoke Green/Matte Black Frame) Tilt P-58 (Polarized Smoke Green Flash/Gloss Black)
Tilt P-58NP (Silver Steel/Aluminum Black Crystal Frame) Glasses - JP-2 (Polarized Copper/Gloss Black Frame) Glasses - Air Rage (Bronze/Crystal Bronze Frame) Glasses - Air Rage (Polarized Silver/Crystal Metallic Frame) Blink (Silver Flash/Aluminum Gloss Frame) Blink (Polarized Copper/Matte Black Frame)
Ink (Smoke/Gloss Black Frame) Ink (Light Adjusting/Metallic Black Frame) Ink (Polarized Silver/Matte Black Frame) Top Jimmie (Polarized Smoke/Matte Black Frame) Brick (Light Adjusting/Metallic Black Frame) Brick (Polarized Smoke/Gloss Black Frame)
SG-1 (Polarized Slate/Clear) JP-2 (LA Grey Light Adjusting) JP-3P (Polarized Bronze Brown / Gloss Black) SG-1 V-CUT Goggle - (Smoke Green/Clear) SG-1 (Smoke Green/Clear) Romer II (Polarized Smoke Green)
Romer II (Neutral Slate/ Light Rust / Clear) XL-1 (Smoke Green/Clear) XL-1 (Blue Lunar/Clear) XL-1 (Polarized Neutral Slate / Clear) CQC (Smoke/Clear) B-2 (Bronze Brown)
PT-1 (Light Rust) PT-1 (Smoke) PT-1 (Blue Ice) Saber (Pale Yellow) Saber (Neutral Slate) B-2 (Light Rust)
JP-3 (Filter 3 Crystal Gradient Mirror) JP-1 (Interchangeable Smoke Green/Clear) JP-4 (LA Grey Light Adjusting) JP-2P (Polarized Smoke Green) B-2 (Polarized Neutral Slate) Romer II (Blue Ice / Light Rust / Clear)
Nerve (Smoke/Clear) Nerve (Grey / Clear / RX Insert) PT-3 (Smoke/Clear) PT-3 (Smoke/Clear/Rust) Brick (Silver Flash) AirRage (Light Adjusting/Gloss Black Frame)
Blink (Light Adjusting/Metallic Black Frame) Ink (Sunburst/Gloss Black Frame) Top Jimmie (Sunburst/Gloss Black Frame) Top Jimmie (Light Adjusting/Gloss Black Frame) XL-1 (Light Adjusting) Romer II (Crimson Red/Clear/Light Rust)
B-2 (Clear) B-2 (Vermillion) B-2 (Polarized w. Clear/Light Rust lenses) PT-1 (Clear/Matte Black) PT-1 (Pale Rose/Matte Black) Saber (Light Rust)
Saber (Clear) Saber (Pale Rose) Spear Goggle (Smoke/Clear) Spear Goggle (Smoke/Clear w. RX Insert)